Because I’m happppy


I have a lemon tea, a fruit yoghurt and a slither of raw green beans…which is making super happy this morning. Alongside that, I have a cuddle day with Baby J, which I am adoring, simply because I never ever get to spend a Thursday with him, when he doesn’t go to nursery. Keiran’s caught himself the flu, so whilst he gets better, I get to have a giggly snuggle day with Juni’. I love it. I truly love it. In fact, last night was the first night, where in which WE ALL felt better and slept like glitter logs! So, we’re feeling super refreshed and happy.

I’m eating so much healthier and i’m lucky in that respect because i’m a not a being who needs to really watch what i eat. I just sort of enjoy fresher food. I’m feeling great. I’ve given up a whole bunch of shitty vices, like wine, late nights, going out, spending my hard earned pences of unnecessary things. The children are happy and closer than ever. When there’s just me, Ruby and Junior are literally the most well behaved children, yet because they’re never under any pressure or getting shouted out for no reason.

Wunna land is filled with new and swirled in a fresh happiness. I’m currently getting texts of my chick friend, who is always going through some kind of love life drama. And even though people think that I’m always going through love life drama, I sort of never am, because when i’m on my own, i actually feel strongest.  But yes, she’s younger and foolish and dying to be loved, so still doing the going out every night to meet someone and ending up with what I used to call ‘the tequila dance.’ (I performed it a lot in my 20’s, when i was lost and heartbroken in Los Angeles.)

Without me having to explain….it’s pretty much the ‘One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Four calls to your ex, Five calls to the boy that you’re sleeping with, Six calls to the boy that you’ve friend zoned, yet doesn’t know and then a cry to your chick friend.’ HAHAHAHA. She’s going through that phase of her life…and it’s hilarious! I’m a pillar of advice and strength, smeared in sarcasm and winks. I’ve been there and it’s rough. All girls have. But part of me is super happy that i’ll neer ever have to do the Tequila dance ever again!! *Cheer here.* It’s all about finding your happy place…i’m sure.

*Sips her lemon tea, gets comfy on her high horse.*

As i’ve said there’s a lot of change going on in Wunna land right now. There’s fresh new swirl that’s taking over and it’s beamed over with all kinds of luck. I’m naturally a lucky girl, but right now I feel really lucky. And when these new swirls occur, I get excited. So all of you who feel a new swirl approaching, you should completely and utterly embrace it, ride it and enjoy it. Everything just feels new and everything just feels fresh again.

Junior’s currently pointing at me and laughing with spagetti around his mouth. His face is just like my face, so it cracks me up. Junior, in the words of his sister, is literally ‘the luckiest boy in the world.’ The reason for this is apparently because ‘Mummy is a sexy lady and lots of Princes like Mummy. But the only boy she truly loves is Baby Junior.’ Which is pretty true. It’s amazing what kids pick up on. And it’s weird because I just see love as love. Even with the boys that I date, I love them like family. So I guess it’s really hard for me to put some other boy/man first, when the one that I adore the most, who adores me the most is my littlest. It’s like my heart is already filled…so any new being has to be super impressive or super strong, or super romantic, in order for me to even have time for them. And if they’re not any of them…then they’re pretty doomed, because i can never go against the natural grain of what I want or what I need for very long.

I definitely want more spicy noodles or lunch, simply because they made me smile so much yesterday.

What on this earth is better than a Spicy Asian Noodle smile.

Nothing. 🙂

Happy St.Patricks Day! (Not that I ever celebrate it! But green beers and ‘poTAToes’ to you all!)





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