Becareful What You Wish For…

I just got home (well that’s already a lie, i was at 10pm, yet the time was spent cuddling my Mother, stroking kittens, eating noodles and winking at…myself.) I’m not in baby blue pyjamas, with multi coloured hearts scattered all over them. They’re the comfy, ‘you’ll never pull in them’ kind…they go well with noodles, needing to rest and after a day of travel. (Like this is just a quickie McBlog, before i wander off into my chambers for my much needed ‘beauty sleep.’ I’m sooooo sorry i haven’t been able to blog in the last couple of days, but i’ve been all over the place with work, and the old ‘Hi, I’m Chrissie Wunna! Please adore me…NOW!’ I’ve been smearing my kitty reputation all over the Uk and well now my life is a changing. But i’m back now, so the bloggage will be here! YEAAAH BITCH!)

Anyway, i woke up Wales this morning, after spending the whole of Tuesday with the Welsh doing radio promo, an interview, and drinking. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow…when i can actually see and don’t feel like i’m going to pass-out from exhaustion. I began the day in Wales, trained it to London, (armed with the most beautiful bouquet of Flowers…i hid behind them earlier om Welsh soil, whilst i smoked on a train platform. 🙂 )

The Afternoon was spent drinking and having steaks in Camden with @jonathanctaylor (who doesn’t like girls who talk about poo, thinks he’s Miss.World and glues teeth on with eyelash glue,) and JAY (from club juniors) who likes a

2 thoughts on “Becareful What You Wish For…”

  1. Just stopped by to say hi. Read this part of blog. It’s great to read but like you said, ” I’m an emotional girl and well i’ll have to spew it all out for you on here, as i go along, to rid me of the ‘madness.’” Well I believe that says it all. That is one thing blogs are good for too I guess. No I am not asleep should be 9:31 here which is like 1:31 or 2:31AM where you are. That makes me zonk out just figuring that. Bye for now. Take the World By Storm.


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