Beaming with Reality


Good afternoon, my delicious dips of Sunday delight!

I am feeling over the moon, after a scuffle of a few days. However, thanks to my rather loving ‘Handsome’ (who has learnt to control his ever strong libido, during my pregnancy) I am back on track and excited about life.

We began our relationship with us both holding each other up, with love, winks and good spray tans. Then he tripped up a little and I fought to hold his muscle of a ‘hey-hey boday’ up…which ended up in a marriage (all boys marry a hot chick who can put up with them and hold them up in their hour of need,) and now (due to my hormonal instability and preggo-exhaustion) he is proudly championing the strength, and trophying his wife UP, with one strong arm and a ‘Hero’ smile. I love the ‘Hero’ in a man and because all Glamour Pusses, even feisty, independent types like myself, find it a highly attractive quality. If you haven’t married a ‘Hero,’ then what have you married? I think i enjoy finally being able to rely upon someone again…as it’s taken me a good 10 years and a whole lot of tragical men, to him.

Okay, so all I have to say to you Ladies..and even Gents, is that LOOKING good, makes you start FEELING good. I swear down. Over the last couple months i’ve been feeling sort of scrubby, unmanicured and under groomed. This tends to happen, when you’re either busy, a mum or a preggo. I’ve been all of the above, making my stance a little exhausted.

Yesterday, we both indulged in matching spray tans, which is a treat we both enjoy, even though we just haven’t managed to find the time to get one. We never go for spray tans alone for some reason, yet always go together.

Since being naked sprayed down, with a glorious golden gush of tan, I am now feeling OVER THE MOON. I feel sexy again and like I DO have swagger. I mean, even when I popped out of the fresh tanning room, Keiran looked at me with eyes of delight, shouting, ‘I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON WHY I MARRIED YOU!’ Cheeky…yet appreciated. I felt FIT and well I still do now. Even the spray tan lady, who used to do us both one a week (I am talking tanning and not raw sexing,) claimed she had never seen me so pale. People forget that I am actually a girl from the Orient. Under layers of tan, lies a little pale Burmese girl, with baby kitten eyes. (I must the ONLY Asian girl who isn’t good at maths. Yet really good and hair tossing.)

But yes, as shallow as it sounds, if making yourself look good, makes you feel good mentally, then go for it, as life is ALL about FEELING good because when you do, you seem to make much better choices. When your miserable, everything you do is misted over with ‘uselessness.’

Oh wait, our spray tans, weren’t yesterday…they were the day before! Oops! Manchester was yesterday. On the spray tan day, I actually also completed my submission criteria for my naughty novel. I worked really hard and actually conquered it, which I absolutely adored. I mean, if I love anything, it is to write, so having the time to do it and enjoy it fully, was marvellous. It’s my favourite form of escapism. Thank GOD it took the place of drinking. I’m confident about the whole novelist malarky now. I’m a good writer, with a many story to tell, as long as I get to do it MY way this time, and sprinkle it with that Hollywood glitter and dip it in sexiness, then I’ll be fine.

(Keiran’s just leapt over to my side of the sofa, plunged his hands down his joggers and told me to get my boobs out, whilst playfully asking me to go to the Driving range with him.)

Okay, right, yesterday was Manchester day. We only went for a coupel hours to sit on chairs and answer questions. It was fun, iddn’t go as planned, but I was totally in leopard, which is always a delight, when put with a beige pencil skirt. It was actually far too freezing to be in such an outfit, so I had to spend the day tottering around, in 9 inch heels, a giant faux fur and this leopard print dress, preggo and waddling. Not fun.

I had been consumed by negativity the evening before. Keiran had gone to Phil and Kelly for drinks and rugby watching. (I don’t do Rugby watching. I instead indulged in myself, my novel writing and my Baby Ruby. I adore little Rubes and wanted to spend the evening with her.)

There I was all happy and positive, after a wonderful day and in pops negative family, drama for a bit of a peek and a ‘hello.’ Annoying. Now if you’re feeling great, then sure come over. But if you’re feeling rubbish and think you might need to spread your bad feelings, then don’t bother coming to my house. I not only found it tedious but also found it lasting hours. It ended in mild bickering and a stomp upstairs for a bit of peace with my daughter. I’m tired of people bringing baggage to my door. I want baggage filled with diamonds, not hours of grey clouds and convos’ on how shit ya life is.

It took me a while to get over it and drifted into my morning. I was stressed all morning because I had managed to absorb it.

It made our Manchester trip less exciting for me. I felt terrible and therefore it all went terribly.

I swear on my life, i’m gonna have to be a hermit for the entire rest of my life, or buy the fricking forest cabin immediately, in order to dodge the drama. Give me the peace of the forest hot tub anytime. You’re all miseries and spreading it my way.

Regardless, i’m happy now. I’m fully rested, after feeling as ouchy as can be last night. It’s amazing how much pregnancy takes it out of you. Even though time is flying this time around and I’m loving the arrival of a newbie, tottering around Manchester, in high heels and leopard print, in a faux fur, catching trains and travelling does not help. I’m sure I pulled my groin. I had never felt so exhausted in my entire life when we finally got back.

Then we decided to have a kebab night…so it made it all better.

I am now refusing to let anyone negative come my way or spend any time with me. It’s really working because as soon as i’ve changed my mind set and shaken it off, i’ve glowed with an ‘ooh laa’ and an excitement for life once more.

This morning, i found something that I would truly love to be a part of, so it’s got me giddy and filled me with smiles.

My life is really great. I’m a lucky girl and I can’t wait to make my mark. Writing is going well. I’ll hear how well i’ve done in a week or so. Baby Ruby is a bit poorly today, but I adore being a mummy on her poorly baby days, as she’s all puffy nosed and helpless and needs me more than ever.

Other than that, i’m oozing glamour. I have a great tan and i’m rocking it like a kitten.

Have a wonderful Sunday and if you’re fricking miserable…snap out of it.

ps, I’m feeling VERY determined right now and like I can have and conquer ANYTHING I wish for or WANT. It’s a juicy time of life, where I feel back to my old self. I’m absorbed with ‘gimme-gimme’ and have luxury in my eye. The world is filled with opportunity and love and it’s important that you go grab what’s your with a warm heart and stilettos.  I’m going to make my mark and i’m gonna do it with ‘ooh laa.’ It’s a really amazing time and i’m glad that you can all join me.

pps/ Someone is currently spamming my inbox with Turkish words, EVERY MINUTE.

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