Be on ‘Sex Lessons’ Channel 5, with ME

Hi my pretty winks of an eye!

Some of you may know that i am currently on the Channel 5 (well ‘fiver’ show) ‘Sex Lessons’ taking about my honest and quirky sexual experiences. It show has done really well, it’s a great tool of edumacation 😉 and i go back to ‘on camera’ interview a little more, this Tuesday 17th Aug.

Chloe…who is in charge of hunting down the candid bunch of ‘ooh laa’s’ who don’t mind talking about their real life of ‘sexy sexy,’ called me yesterday, (lovely perky young lady) after telling me she loved my blog…(I enjoy the flattery) and asked me  if i knew any Gay men, or Men in general who would be willing to come down to London on Tuesday to film for ‘Sex Lessons.’ (Exact email from Chloe: ‘I was just wondering – do you have any friends who would also like to take part? We’re particularly short on men, particularly gay men!’ )

 You will simply be asked a lovely bunch of cheeky questions and you have to answer them honestly..openly and with ooh laa baby! If you’ve watched the show…it’s fun,it’s new, it’s educational. I love it and well i love ME on it! 🙂

I’m a chica with a deliciously yummy gay following and a ‘Handsome’ hunka chunka straight man army and well if YOU would like to appear on the telly, for Channel 5, for the ‘Sex Lessons’ show…it’s more comedic than anything..this is what you do..and you have to do it NOW, as filming is on Tuesday!!

Okay, so yeah i guess you can either contact me…asap, or even better email Chloe directly on telling her you want to be on the show, with a contact number and a picky if you have one.

I’ll be filming on Tuesday to, so i might see you there! The ratings have been GREAT!!!

Here’s a link for you to check out the show…it’s the only one i have, but all the episodes are online somewhere:

Anyway i know need to trot off and glam up. I have my First trimester baby scan today! Trust me to book it on Friday 13th. 🙂 Loverboy is pretending he’s really excited, but i know he’s genuinely shitting himself. Last time, we went to get my blood test sorted… he almost fainted. I have a great birthing partner. He’s fainting and stealing my limelight. Heelllooo…i have a human living inside my belly much? I have to drink two pints of water and not do a wee. It’s like some kind of mind game.

I’ll tell you all about it when i get back. It’s at i only have a couple hours to groom. (Ooh a bunch of journalist questions have just come in for the magazines. I’ll save that for tonight, when i’m feeling way less terrifed.)

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