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Morning!!! It feels like Monday today for me and it shouldn’t as it’s my last day of the working week…of…well…doing work….so i should be throwing my knickers in the air and placing on nipple tassles for a shimmie.

Anyhow, i’m going back to my original idea of Summer being all about flings and not about anything substantial. Substantial, would be good…yet it’s never really the case in the season of ‘gun shows’ and bikinis.

I’ll breeze through Summer and if i’m honest…it’s not like the pool is dry when it comes to boys and ‘The Wunna.’ I’m very single. I’m not really doing anything with anyone right now. I enjoy being single, because i’m picky and will never ever sell myself short..again. I’m the opposite to young and the opposite to desperate…and i have pickings…so i sort of watch and see. I get hit on quite  alot and for those of you who are tutting the ‘big headed’ thing, i don’t care…lol…because it really is the absolute truth. Men pop out of everywhere, literally every moment of every day…to the point where it puts me off dating.

The ones that i think are good, end up being weird. The ones that i think are good, are probably…awesome. I’m sick of ‘friend zone.’ Or anything that takes ages. I want a brave man, a romantic man, a fun man, a best friend, a life partner…a family guy who knows how to be loyal, have a great time and well…worships me. Lol. Let’s just say, I adore him and he knows what he’s got. 🙂 Someone who has my back. Someone who enjoys life just as much as i do…and lives it with me and the babies.

It’s not that easy to find…and right now quite a lot of different guys are presenting themselves to me properly and not via ‘dick pic’ that i don’t even know where to start??? Ugh!

In Pontefract, no one is all brave and romantic. The boys sort of ‘play it cool’ which i find annoying. I like expressive. I’m not a being who gives two hoots about what people think about me, so i expect that in a guy…as you can’t date me and expect no gossip.

I want to be surprised.

And i want it NOW.



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