Be a lioness and totally feel up your Friday!


Just one of those GREAT DAYS, filled with flirty dips of Wunna land and massive chunks of laughter.

In life, all that matters, other than the babies you raise is and the art of working toward success, is that you hold onto your integrity and you stand by it the heart of a lion. It’s important to always do the right thing. Yet people in life, often do what’s right for them. Which obviously means they often make really huge mistakes, which simply and quite often 🙂 leaves  them in a pool of their own disappointment and guilt, which then turns into a lifetime of internal ouchiness. I’ve been there and done that as a stupid little kid. So, nothing is better now that standing fully grown, smiling at what I have, what i’ve accomplished and who I am and laughing at those who aren’t quite there yet.

I was talking to a bunch of my LA friends today and they said that one of the things they always adored about me, other than the fact that I was beautiful 🙂 (thought i’d get that in) was the simple fact that when it came to passion and strength, I was certainly a chick who would never go down without a fight and even if it seemed like I hadn’t won at the time, when it came to the end result, I always did and have! BOOyah! *Electric slide here*It kind made me feel strong again, especially because I was half naked when talking to one. It wasn’t kinky. I was undergoing a complimentary beauty treatment. I’ve started to get loads of free stuff and it’s ace because if I have Ruby, gentleman want to impress me by impressing her, like when I went to the foodie festival thing in Doncaster. Every gent told me I had ‘beautiful eyes’ and as a result gave my daughter presents of foodie delights. She stuffed her face so much that she actually passed out with what looked like gout. Pahaha. Today, I got a beauty treatment, all on the house with bells on. There’s nothing like a midday unwind, when it’s for free. It’s harder to unwind when you’ve paid for the treatment yourself, simply because you want your ‘ooh laa’ to feel like a treat, don’t ya? It’s like having a boy who loves you for you and as a result worships your every being, no matter what it takes, as opposed to a boy that loves you because you pay for dinner, trips and bills. Both boys want to stay and are practicing the same relationship. Yet of course, they both feel very different.

Totally was watching Millionaire Matchmaker last night and it upset me to see a random ‘trying to be young’ cougar chase 20 something boys. Now, I don’t mind a toy boy, yet i’d never date someone 20 years older than me. Boys are immature anyway, let along one that is 20 years behind you emotionally. She was stereo-typically, ‘trying to be young’ and trying to pretend that she enjoyed ‘young boyish’ hobbies like ‘driving fast cars’ and ‘shooting guns.’ Yawn. As if! I don’t like transparent girls. There is nothing wrong with embracing the fact that you’re a grown up now and you want to be loved in a grown up way and be with a grown up man and that you like things done your way and that you don’t like doing stupid young boyish shit. 🙂 She looked so lonely and sad, under a giant mask of ‘look, i’m so much fun!’ 

Then Patti the matchmaker got to the bottom of it and well the cougar had stated she was one in a long term relationship before, where she was engaged. But the guy left to go live in another country and that she knew that he was going anyway before he left, meaning it wasn’t so bad. ERM?

In the words of every girl and Patti herself, if a man loves you he will go to the ends of the earth and back, he’ll move mountains, swim streams, alter his entire world in order to be by your side. Not move to another fucking country, when he’s engaged to you?That means they don’t love you and never respected you. I just don’t get why she didn’t admit that she was hurt by that and hurt by his stupidity? I mean that’s okay, it happens to everyone? Most women have dated some kind of stupid man at some point and regardless to what men think, most women are the same. No, in fact, when you look at our cores, ALL WOMEN are the same. That’s for men to!

Instead, the way she acted out her pain was to date pretty toy boys, 20 years her junior, be desperate to look young and do everything she can to keep these money hungry young chappies, by altering the fact that she was an oldie, a grown up and lived a stable life. It made me feel sad for her. However, in the end, she got it and she chose to maybe go about choosing dates more wisely.

I mean, when you’re a girl, you’re a little bit more lost. yet when you’re a women, know that that is something to be proud of and that that is something that a man should honour. Make your mark, stand up for what you believe, take no nonsense whatsoever and if they give you nonsense, you don’t have to do anything really because their own guilt eats at them forever. Remember that I said, 80% of men when asked if they would marry the same woman again, if they could do it all over again said ‘YES.’ So even if they leave you, if you are a woman of worth, you can rest assure that they NEVER do better than you. And I know that from experience. A lot of my exes have at some point inboxed me telling me that i’m the ‘one that got away.’ Yawn. Or that they want to ‘take me out, to talk.’ They forget how shitty they were when we were actually together and unfortunately i’m a grudge holder. I never forget the rubbish things people do to me, so if I no longer love them…I no longer care. I never stay their friend and I never have them about my life. I’m always one to move it along and I think in life, you’ll only ever let the girl or guy you truly love be the one you care for unconditionally, which just means when they balls ups and the mist of anger has risen, you’re still stood there smiling, reaching out your hand for them to hold and assuring them that they can still ‘do life’ with you because your bond roots deeper than most people expected. I’m aware that people mistake make and have sympathy when they state they have mistake made and that they were sorry for it. However, with me there’s only a tiny tolerance level when it comes to the amount mistake making a boy will make. I’ve learnt from all my ‘boo-boo’s and I know that people learn things at different times in their life, yet if they’re not learning by the first or second bit of wrong footing, then I begin to become unimpressed with them and with me it’s very important that I am always impressed by the man I am with.

In a group of boys, i’ll always much prefer the quite shy friend that doesn’t say much and is polite, over the ‘ring leader’ party weirdo, who’s trying to over sell himself to you like a plonker. They’re usually the boys that are the least ‘together.’ It doesn’t even matter to me if they’re hot. Once they start doing the ‘i’m so fun and crazy, party boy’ thing I just don’t fancy them anymore.

I’ve been and seen everything when it comes to a ‘party boy’ and embraced the circumstance in one of the best cities to play ‘party’ at, in the world. I’ve never been impressed by them, simply because i quickly noticed that the boys that are successful are not usually those boys. 🙂 I enjoy success in both myself and in a partner. 🙂

Remember that successful people have successful habits. You are a product of your environment. The people you have surrounding you often represent the person that you are and I was reminded of  that today when I looked around and saw who I had around me at the time. I have a lot in common with them and I guess we HAVE accidentally rubbed off upon each other. Luckily, it’s a good thing because i’ve been in a situation before, when I was much younger in Hollywood (and I have some wonderful friends in Hollywood) But at one point, I went loopy and had nothing but ‘no hopers’ around me, which for a while turned me into a no hoper also. It was a really sad moment. Yet, I flicked the switched and changed it, because it just wasn’t me. That’s also goes for when picking a ‘life partner.’ The person your with represents what you stand for, so be warned girlies! Pick correctly.

Today, I’m happy and I’m happy because it’s FRIDAY!!! I have my Friday feeling and well for the first time in ages i’m actually venturing out for a few delightful cocktails with friends. If anyone deserves it…it’s me.

I’m spray tanned and divine and I’m ready to dance to the merry sound that most of us call a FRIDAY!

Ps/ I much preferred Friday when it used to be ‘date night.’









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