BBF-ing, Good Deeds and a little bit of ‘True Blood.’


Hey you delicious pouts of perfection. I’m having an exceedingly great day today, so instead of rubbing it in your face…(and i have referring to my ‘lady part’) i’m intending to spread the joy of happiness, by doing good deeds for all of mankind and what not. I’m a happy- go- lucky soulio, therefore why not spread the ‘ooh laaa.’ Especially to those i’m not so keen on and those of you i do not know! It’s nice to do something great for a stranger. It’s happened to me a million times. Therefore lets all give hugs and tell people they’re wonderful. I’m not a grudge holder, as holding anything for far to long, will not only require effort, but also require a manicure and as of right now, i unfortunately do not have the time or the patience, or anyone to hold them for me.

This exact time last year me and 11 others we’re being taxied to a hotel, to begin a show where we were to live together in a ginormous mansion and fight it out to be the British Best friend of Paris Hilton…the worlds most famous socialite, who I adore! We hadn’t met each other yet, as we all had been deliberately separated. But we were about to and in the middle of London town. We were each placed  in a taxi alone, then driven to a club…it was an operation and a half. I think i was meant to be the first one in, but my driver got lost, so i had to be the second. (Lol Typical.) I stepped out of the cab, nervous as hell and straight into a world of cameras, production, fluster, producers, sound technicians and lights. I loved every bit of this time last year. I’ve made some amazing new friends Paris,

10 thoughts on “BBF-ing, Good Deeds and a little bit of ‘True Blood.’”

  1. Hampstead Heath is like the most notorious gay cruising ground in the country… Lots of faggotory goes on there!

    U get the joke now???


    I wouldnt DARE as to make such a suggestion!!

    I just thought he may enjoy walks in Hampstead Heath late at night thats all!! Ya know… fresh air.. under the stars n all that…

    I dodnt mention him going anywhere near the ‘Fuck Tree’…

    Or bending over to pick up his blackberry.

    Im just making bad jokes. It passes the time.

    Sam is fine.

  3. You seem to know a lot about hampstead Gary…..
    You were the my fav in the show Chrissie You came in a star X
    I wanted you to win and I said if not you then Sam should win seemed like a sweet guy.
    Good luck with everything X


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