Ballsy Betty-yeah-Yeah

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I must obviously think i’m Dolly Parton or something? I mean, why i thought getting giantly long, fuchsia, acrylic, nails would be of any benefit to me, I don’t know. Well unless, I had decided to be Dolly Parton, like I’ve stated. I can’t do ANYTHING in them, to t point where (and like many past loves in my 20’s) they’ve become less sexy and just a tedious operation. I even KNEW that I wouldn’t be able to text in them, meaning that I was well aware that even basic communication would become a difficulty. But no…Little Chrissie Wunna, balls and n’all did it again. They’ve got to go. I can’t open car doors, let alone try to run a start up business. I’m officially mental, but it’s cute because I do lunacy quite well. *Apple Jack-Apple Jack.* I’ve always said it’s only FOOLS who complicate things. Well there you have it…fuchsia nails…foolish. I’d thought i’d grown out of being an idiot, but I guess not? I’m certainly a girl who foes whatever she wants. I’m open hearted, loving, but rebellious. I’m not a sheep, not a game player, always a girl who will ‘nod-nod-smile’ at you, because i’m polite..then BLAST you with home truths, before doing whatever I want. 🙂 I’ll go with the flow. Enjoy it, not be frightened. I know what’s important and I know what’s important to ME. Everything else, i’ll smear in glitter and hope it obides, or just totter away from with a cocktail. Today, however….I’m a fool. (I’ve just dropped the children off at nursery and had an ace conversation with Victoria, who works there. She was the year above me in school and well we were just saying how snobby those that go to private schools, secretly are. We’re ALL snobs, even when we’re decorating it with humour, wit or ‘down to earthness.’ We have this sense of ego-mania, this sense of self entitlement. But I don’t think it’s bad. I grew up really confident and with strong parents who love and guided me with applause and ‘you are amazings.’ TOO RIGHT, I think i’m WORTH IT. 🙂 We both laughed at circumstance, because Victoria fought for her right to work full time but only during term time,so she could be with her children. I love that. I’m rebellious like that also. I mean, I was once told not to go to an audition, whilst I was working a normal job and I went with ‘fuck it’ and got on the train to London anyway. I didn’t even get fired. I strolled back in the next day…sheepishly, but secretly confident and took it on the chin. It#s important to be ballsy in life, when it comes to fighting for what you think is right. The shit thing about working for others is that they control your life.)

I’ve typed all that in pink nails. Yay! AND i’m weirdly getting *flashbacks* of a time when I was running cross country at school and my games teacher commented on how tiny my shorts were. ‘Christina, they are showing your bottom cheeks.’ I was quite glammy in school. We weren’t allowed to wear make up or dye our hair etc..I had red nails, big hair, streaks in it and hardly any clothes on. 🙂 She was always sweet to me, yet i might of had tiny booty shorts on…but her actually real life name was Ms.Hoar. #unfortunate. I never tried in games(PE) because it bored me. Running around for no reason? Hmm..? I was already fit and healthy. I was a dancer and rake thin. I glammed games up simply so it could become interesting.

Chase and I have been working really hard on this eyelash line. It’s a young, fun, GLAMOUROUS line, yet not a cheapy, a brand that is of worth…we’re currently working out the pricing now, as it’s important because it determines where the brand will lie in the luxury stakes, longterm. Chase is literally a GODSEND to me and i’ve learnt so much about business in a week! I’m glad that I made the decision to bring him on board because not only does he believe in the brand, but he knows exactly what he’s doing in his area of expertise, as do I in my own dolly area.

I’m gathering all the info and looking forward to the shoot, which will be filmed for viral. Ruby is over nursery. Junior has thrush. It’s mayhem, but i’m getting there…with coffee. Oh and well done JIM DAVIDSON. I liked him all the way through #cbb, so i’m glad that he WON! Oh and i’ve just thought, there I was rambling on about Luisa for being a nightmare, when really when I did the ‘Hilton BBF show” I was the gobby, opinionated one, wasn’t I? I was really annoying. Yet luckily they brought Kat in to make me look likeable and her to take the ‘bitch’ role. lol. I loved Kat. I remember, when filming, we had to stop one day simply so the production team could shout at us for being boring. lol/

Must go..I have a very glamourous, ‘drop off laundry’ errand to run.






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