Back up to London Tonighta & Vaginas

Woke up this morning with my foot accidentally placed upon a large orange book which was titled, ‘How to be a good buddhist.’ (Hahaha…says it all really.) Now i do on occassion follow the teachings of the Buddha, with him being cool and all that jazz. But sometimes, the teachings end up under the foot of a Glamour Puss, who is under the misconception that her and Buddha are cool like that. I have ‘Itty Bitty Burmese Buddha’ tattooed above my left butt cheek. Surely that’s enough to get blessed?? No? Okay…Oh i talked to Peter Stringfellow the other night.

Anyway, i’m currently being rushed, which is something i despise. But i have this awful girl sat next to me, I’ll call her ‘Hog,‘ who is rambling on about her tragic love life and how she’s upset because her boyfriend refers to her vagina as ‘Pussy’ during sex. (Erm…isn’t that the BEST part?? Isn’t that simply normal proceedure??) I love a bit of dirty talk mid-rumpy. I think it makes a man a man. But really what makes a man a man, is one that is full of heart, i guess? ‘Hog’ is upset because my dear dear words of advice went something like this, ‘Oh shut the fuck up. It’s better than him calling it Mary Poppins, you whore!’ (I’m not nice in the mornings! And i’ve had tea.)

For those of you who are in relationships, make sure you’re loving your partner correctly and instead of dominating them, or flustering around them…take them on a JOURNEY an adventure. Show them your life, your world, create your own ‘magic’ together. Make it sexy. Be confident. Be a couple people admire or envy. (Hahaha…) Now i’m great when i’m part of a twosome. I’m good at the whole ‘taking them on an adventure’ doo-daa. I’m a loving girl. But know that the time that you spend with someone is very special and people take ‘time’ for granted. When you have this ‘time’ thing, be it in passing, on the phone, at dinner, between sheets, online…. with someone you actually care about, or someone you actually don’t. (We’ve all been there.) Smear your reputation all over it. Jab a big flag of glory in it and call it YOURS baby! It’s important to make your mark. You’ll give them a memory…and they’ll cherish you for it FOREVER. And really what’s better then being cherished. (Apart from cold hard cash & Gary Glitter.)

Other than that, my medium, spiritual advisor lady called me last night and well pumped me up for what lies ahead. She told me about my love life and about a certain someone who is my apparent soulmate…and the person that i will spend the rest of my life with, (and i believe her.) She then went on about my career, which is going to be dandy…but i knew that already. (Cha Ching.) I’m just need to stay happy and i am…so there.

What i love right now….BEING ME. What i hate right now…people advertising things on my facebook wall. It’s so rude. Some of you guys don’t even say ‘hello’ but will plonk ya Video, Event, or Clothing Line plug…all over my wall of Greatness. I mean, i love a hustler…but i hate being taken advantage of. So as long as you do ya do, to someone else… in the future…then yeah it’s all good. My wall is all about ME, as your wall is all about YOU. Lets keep it that way and be merry…maybe even do it shirtless? Now why can’t i see out of one eye?? And why are you all sending me photos of midgets in fancy dress. The first two were funny, but now i’m like OKAY babes….lets not.

I’m travelling back up to London today…but later on in the evening. Right now i have to shop, to get more bare essentials, that bore me. I like buying things that excite me. I hate the mundane bully bull, that i NEED to purchase. It’s not big and it’s not clever and i’m not bothered.

So yeah, have yourself a WunnaFul Sunday you delicious doo-daas of dandy. I’m watching you…(but not really coz i’m far too lazy.) Ciao. x

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