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The weekend was AMAZING! Ruby has been desperate to start galloping through tinsel, so we spent Saturday ‘doing Christmas’ and sprinkling our merry lives with that little bit of festive glitter.

In case you didn’t know, I’m an absolute whore…for Christmas. πŸ™‚ Meaning it only took me approximately 2.3 seconds to find both Baby Ruby & Baby Junior this…. quench their thirst to wallow in a pre-Christmas glory.

(And to all of you doing the whole Scroogy… ‘But it’s only September…?’ D’ya not think I know that! πŸ™‚ It’s September, I get it. I’m doing Christmas. Wahoo! You might as well grab a mulled wine and get with it. Halloween’s a drag and bonfire night may smell delicious, yet is certainly cold enough weather to freeze ya balls off. Christmas is all about joy and TAKING presents off people. πŸ™‚ How can you not love it! Santa, magic, carols, warmth, family, love…stockings, tinsel…Baileys…the list is endless. So you can all sit and twiddle ya thumbs to the soothing sound of September. (Boring Β month. There isn’t even a drink for September.) But I know which holiday i’d rather be celebrating. Roll in the pokey elf suits!

Rubes picked out tinsel….

Junior pretended to be Baby Jesus. πŸ™‚ (Ruby and I did MAKE him, however he didn’t seem that impressed. I consulted Gay Adam on this and Junior is apparently just not that into Christianity or hates me. πŸ™‚


It was fun. The day was great. The children loved it as much as I did. Weirdo’s from every corner popped out of nowhere to chat with me. When I’m saying weirdo’s, I’m truly meaning severely weird folk and not just everyday folk. I don’t know what’s wrong with my timing or my eyes but whenever I seem to look up a weirdo manages to connect ‘eyelines’ with me and then before you know it, they’re marching forward and starting good old bizarre conversation with me, which I then feel like I HAVE to take part in, in order for them to refrain from feeling weird and well it’s just polite innit. HOWEVER, not when the weirdo’s think I should put them before the basic maintenance of my children. Lol.

I had a granny follow me around, wanting to know if Ruby wanted to suck her thumb?? Then a 63 year old man, who was maybe ‘not all there’ who kept telling me he was a miner, then a marathon runner, then in the Army for Japan and with a now 92 year old Mum. He kept trying to talk too close to my face and butting my children out of the way to get my attention first. Lol. Now, I love the elderly, but he was 62, and WEIRD. He wasn’t old enough for me to be like ‘awww.’ He was younger than my own mum…but just plain old weird. He followed me around too and tried to talk to me anytime I stood still. He talked so much that clever Ruby made the most of this ‘mummy is only half noticing me’ moment and decided to almost DESTROY the entire store of Christmas decorations. πŸ™‚ Junior just chilled and scowled at every weirdo whenever he could get a scowl in. He’s far too happy to be scowling.

By the time I was done, I had a conga line of strange people following me out to my car, all just wanting conversation. It really put me off people. πŸ™‚ I decided to leg it with the children, so we spent the rest of the day shopping in Doncaster, then leaping through soft play centres like champions. There was actually a point where my Mother had to stop me from being too chipper. I was galloping the children through life with a smile, diamonds and joy. My Mum just looked at me, as I was wiggling diamantes infront of Junior to make his eyes go googly with delight and she paused and simply said, ‘Chrissie, your son is going to NEED Daddy to step in and take over soon, simply because there is no way on this earth that you’re going to be able to raise a boy, that isn’t completely gay.’ πŸ™‚

Sunday came and Sunday was lovely.

I’ve been going through such an awful lot emotionally of recent and well let’s just say Sunday was the day that the missing piece to the jigsaw slotted right back into place. Love got the capital ‘L’ back. Forever meant until the time we pass and happiness rainbowed over Wunna land. It was a good day, where the ‘fuziness’ got wiped clear, the blackboard became clean slated and the Ctrl/Alt/Delete button’s were pressed to take me back to the beginning.

It was a family day…well with Ruby missing because she was stuffing herself with Sunday dinner at Pete’s. But yes, a family day in the sun at Newmillerdam, after a spot of Yorkshire pudding and love.

The good thing about Newmillerdam is that for our little family it’s a place of peace. A place where we sort of became a family, a palce of rebirth, a place of new beginnings and a place where I once tried to buy a bench and have it honoured to my husband, before I realized that he would actually have to be dead in order to have the plaque processed and a bench in his name πŸ™‚ OOps!

Sunday dinner was delicious…and actually meant a lot more than usual. The walk around Newmillerdam.. around the trees…the swans and lake…signified beauty and old memories. (Junior then pooed and had to get naked/changed on a bench in the woods, after us having to ask strangers for wet wipes, because ‘Mummy’ had brought everything but the most important thing…which were the wet wipes. The ‘most important thing’ is always the thing you’ve forgotten to pack, in your mid-morning, kiddie rush. It doesn’t even matter what it was you managed to forget. You’ll find it’s the only thing that you end up desperately needing. πŸ™‚ I’m good like that. I’ll bring everything, but the right stuff.

Sunday with the family was great!

After that, we didn’t really want to go home, so we continued out journey to Pugney’s to sit on grass, in the sun and eat ice creams, as life cuddled us back to one.

It all just felt right and it all popped back to perfect. I felt beautiful again and loved again and in return everyone around me did also.

The evening was left to chilling in comfies, cuddles, junk food and love. It was one of those evenings that you sort of really missed and felt somewhat relieved to finally have again, when laid on the sofa with your little family around you, no pieces missing and with everyone’s heart connected.

It felt good…and is going to get even better.


Anyway, i’ve got to keep it brief, simply because i have a lunch meeting to start pronto. I can’t wait to get home, but of course just as I feel all happy, in love and whole, The Gods fuck me over by messing up my phone! Lord knows what’s happened to it, but I had a message on my screen asking me if I wanted to ‘install updates.’ I agree to this foolishly and before you know it, the entire thing crashes, freezes, stops working and goes *kaputt.*

I’ve even rushed to a nearby phone fixy shop to see if they can solve the problem, since I can’t use my phone at all now and apparently, they will TRY AND FIX IT FOR ME. But ALL MY MY DATA, INCLUDING NUMBERS, PICTURES AND VIDEOS, WILL GET DELETED!!

Wonderful! Lol. Just my luck!

I guess whatever-whatever… new chapter, new start, new phone wipe.

From now on I am uploading every little piece of picture or video that I have of my little kiddies and family online immediately. Luckily, i’ve been quite good at that lately, so it’s not so bad. Yet imagine! I had Junior’s entire upbringing on my phone to date!!! Bastards! Technology is great, but it can’t half wind you up! As if my own phone is going to politely ask me to update it and when i do it fucks me over with a ‘middle finger’ and belly laugh.

Life is good. My marriage if back in tact and my my babies are more than beautiful because of it.

Okay. Meeting. Lunch. See ya!

My advice to anyone who’s tumbled through a similar situation…try and keep it simple and focus on the positives.

Other than that just love…because like the saying goes, ‘if two hearts are meant to be together, they’ll always find their way back to one another.’




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