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So, last night was ‘Sex Toy Stories.’ I watched it and I loved  it, but i’m weirdly someone that can’t stand to watch myself because i make myself cringe, quite dearly. You wouldn’t have thought that. But..yeah..i’m quite shallow (lol) so whenever I saw me rabbiting on, 8 months pregnant, with my chubby face and flat hair, occasionally delivering a bit of honest wit…in between glammy bits of me (which I did like)…where all I did was do my hair, bronze my boobs and pout a little…I was kinda like…’Erm…ewww.’ 🙂

I enjoyed the show because I love the girls, but OMG i got edited out LOADS. I feel like I filmed so much over an entire year and all of it ended up on the cutting room floor. I was sat on my sofa thinking…’where is it all?’ I mean, I remember being ginormously pregnant, tottering up those Victoria underground stairs in heels, puffing and panting and trying to dash to catch my train to Surrey…after waking up at 6am to get there on time…and well I wasn’t even in it that much! Lol. #typical. I don’t think i’ve ever got cut out of something that much? It makes me feel odd.

We literally filmed LOTS over the last year…and I don’t just mean our personal lives…as they only told the story of a couple of us girls because that’s all there was time for. But we actually slogged our guts off at the headquarters, with the naming of the products, the packaging…everything…lots and it was all cut out. Plus, i wanted to delve into the lives of the others girls. Like I wanted to see what happened in ‘Rebecca’s’ world, or ‘Emilys world.’ I wanted to see Kim and her Olympic torch run. But we didn’t get to. 🙁 However,t hat’s the name of the game and how promo works. So i’m happy that I was part of it as it doesn’t really stop here, our range of toys are currently in your local ANN SUMMERS store now and ready for you to buy. Our faces represent the range and that’s another ‘tick box’ I can wave at people, when I thumb through the memory box.

I did love it and my brief bits of banter. But yeah, for the split second i was in it, (after making you all watch it 🙂 ) all i did was pout and wear neon. I promise you i did more than that. We all did. 🙂

So I was half happy, half deflated, until this morning before the nursery run i found out via Optomen that we were not only trending on Twitter last night, but we were the HIGHEST RATED Channel 4 show, with 1.2 MILLION viewers. Crazy! And I was a part of that. Plus, the products are now in the stores…in Ann Summers! That’s amazing. What an achievement. So i’m glad to be part of the team and glad that I got picked.

Life has immediately got back to normal…it did right away, because as soon as the credits went up…Baby Junior managed to POO himself and Baby Ruby started screaming in her sleep upstairs…madly… and just like that, ‘snap’…I got right back to my fairytale, after taking a little dip out of it for a brief bit of telly tinkering. It sort of made my heart fill with absolute joy-joy just looking at my tiny bambino’s…all cute and pooey and filled with ‘mummy i need a cuddle.’ My focus switched off from the show within seconds as my kiddiwinkles grab-snatched my heart. I’ve grown up loads and learnt what matters in life and I think my ego was more dented last night that I didn’t feature more…because i’m not used to it. :)Hahahaha.  Yes I am that tragic. But don’t get the wrong impression, i’m chipper,i’m happy and thoroughly enjoyed my time on the team!!

Like a lot of the girls have said, we just filmed SO MUCH and to have a great deal  of it not aired due to circumstance, time, the art of promo etc…is disheartening. It was a lot of work and for a very long time AND I was preggo for half of it, so I was exhausted. Lol. I was there almost every time we needed to film.

Yet right now there is SO much going on…that I sort of have to climb back upon my kitten throne, shimmie and get back to work. It’s weird that it’s over. But like I said…now we have the next thing. I’m excited!

So please please DO go into your nearest Ann Summers store and enjoy our range of toys. You might as well keep life sexy. The little purple ‘Learning Curve’ is the one that I helped create…so buy it…for that extra bit of ‘backdoor buzz.’

1.2 MILLION viewers! Crazy! I love it. Highest Rated Channel 4 show last night!

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