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It’s around 7.36am (not quite sure exactly,a s every single clock in this darling of a place reads a different time.) I’m up, dressed, groomed and packed as i venture back to London today, simply so i can make the ‘Ultimate Shipwrecked Renuion‘ event. I’ll be going will Samuel, and well we’ve briefly planned our outfits. I know we weren’t on that show, however a party’s a party and it beats slinging it around Soho or Central for the evening. I’m actually excited, as we’ve made a delicious vow to go extremely and utterly trashed, and be completely tragic TWATS! (I do this all the time…therefore it’s almost a walk in the park for me. Hopefully he’ll keep his end of the bargain!)

Last night i laid in bed with my mum and we talked about my love life and why i felt like i wasn’t meeting any ‘handsomes’ who i felt were..i guess the egotistical term would be ‘worthy.’ We laughed, gossiped, then she got hours of entertainment from opening, closing, re-opening and then closing that ‘little white card’ i recieved from ‘Latin Lover.’ It plays ‘I only have eyes fooooor yoooou,‘ whenever you peel it open. And after the 42nd ‘peel’ it suddenly becomes the most hilarious thing you have ever heard! My mum even said ‘So this is how love is shown these days!’ (Opens card. Pisses self.)

I spent my last day in Yorkshire watching ‘How to lose a guy in ten days,‘ surrounded by kittens. I love a good chick flick, but it kinda just reminded me of Mikey my ex-hubby. We once went on this bizarre double date thing with his friend Timmy and some girl. She wanted to watch it…so we did. I remember him looking at me mid-movie, smiling and whilst Kate Hudson was commiting to doing all the ‘crazy girlfriend’ doo-daar said ‘that’s exactly like you!!’ (It was a cute moment. It’s odd that i would remember that? Made me miss him.)

Anyway the remainder of the night was spenton the phone to a boy, who was on a mountain in Vegas. He really pissed me off. I told him about my achievements and my new US manager. Instead of congratulating me…he quickly said ‘Get him to rep me too!‘ How rude!!He doesn’t even do entertainment. I’m not ‘Getting’ anyone to do anything. I’ve done all this by myself. I love how people think the way this little shindig works is that, I do all the hard work, then everyone else  jumps onboard, once i’ve successfully got there. I hate user boys! They’re always way more transparent then user girls for some reason??

I’ve decided not to talk to him, (I’ve had to cut a lot of people out this year) as once again it’s simply another boy who wants to get ahead and the only way he can do it, is by snagging me or draining the only thing that gives me the ‘ooh laa’ and thats my ‘Life Force.’

Godda get on a train….love you. London Bound.

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  1. what a fragel the geezer u cant get people to sort u out u got to do it for yourself well done for parking him chrissie i hate users fullstop. u are on to big things chrissie just keep on being u coz that is your biggest asset u are smarter than u make out and u got a blinding bubbly personalty and u are drop dead gorgous with cracking guns have fun in london i am going there saturday i think so if i see u i will getu some shampoo


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