Back To London

I’m writing this now simply because there is no way in hell, that i’ll beable to get up early (I’m not a morning pussy cat) and have time to blog. I mean a Glamour Puss has to go through a lot ‘groomy-groomy,’ pointing, demanding and sexy jiggery pokery before she leaves the warmth of her home, to travel to another chapter of her life. I can’t stand that it’s freezing. It’s making a simple journey from Yorkshire (where i’ve had the most lovely time out ever…to the point where leaving could cause a few tears) seem awfully frightful, due to the sheer coldness of it all. I’m exotic. I need warmth and rum. But yeah, by the time you read this i’ll be on a train back to London to start my work year. It’s at these times where i wish i had a job that let me where more clothes! And i’m not just talking the modelling. I’m even talking the party side of my life. I can’t be an ‘IT’ girl…in 43 layers of woolies. I’m Chrissie Wunna. I like a little bit of ‘tiny dress n heels.’ It makes comingĀ home and snuggling up with a *handsome*(whoever he may be šŸ˜‰ ) a great deal more rewarding. In order to appreciateĀ the ‘ooh,’ you have to experience the ‘laa.’ Which is the whole other end of the spectrum.

Anyway, i’ve got to get some sleep, after hearing that more people DIE from lack of sleep than they do starvation. I’ve packed. I’m ready. I hope London is simply lovely. I don’t know why i feel a bit nervy? I’m going back home to my appartment. I should feel fine! As soon as i get there, i have time for a drinky and then i’m straight back to work.Ā  Infact, i have a meeting in a pub…so i can kill two birds with one stiletto.

I’m excited really. I’m due a bit of London.Ā Ā I’m happy and determined to rock it. I’ve spent the evening signing contracts to send out, approving pictures and getting my shit together. Love it. Live it, Kitten much. OUT!

When you read this i’ll be training it through the snow and well London bound. I love you very much.

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