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This part of my life, i’m naming the ‘BEST PART OF MY LIFE.’ I finally feel complete enough to have the kitty cat foundation to zoom forward with a mighty *Kapow* and make all my darling dreams of glitter come true. I’ve done well in life, which to me is only well-ish. I’ve always been of an ambitous nature and well in my mind if you’re not thinking big, then there’s no point in thinking at all. I weirdly always thought that i was powered by money, however now i’ve realized that i’m 100% completely powered by love, meaning i’m not as shallow as i thought! Yippeee! *Booty dance here.* Keiran and Ruby have sauntered, (well Rubes squeezed her way into life via my delicious lady part, that right now i feel like calling ‘Shaniqua,’) and they have become my world, my solid foundation of strong, glitzy root. When you have that you can conquer anything. So i now feel like i can pull my Glamour Puss stockings up, cream on that extra bit of lippy, and with a giant business ‘to-do’ list…in heels and with swag, get back to business and make my mark on this world. However, now i come as a threesome. (We always did think that would happen. 😉 ) Therefore at 31, i’m taking them all with me. Most people accumulate baggage. Luckily, i travel light, when it comes to issues and drama, i’ve had a great life and a wonderful time of this earth ball so far. (I’m more together than people think.) I accumalate humans and take them on a journey with me. Yet these two humans are the two humans that i adore under the neon sign of ‘Truly.’ The goal right now is to get back into entertainment, meaning the three of us…and all so we can spend the rest of our life sunbathing and dossing around with a vino, from all the love moola we’ve accidentally managed to make. 🙂 (I weirdly need a  wine now.) To get things in life, you do have to work hard and you do have to put yourself in a position to get what you want. You can do anything because everything you want to do, someone somewhere has already done it. I feel feitsty, strong and sexy right now, so i’m going with ‘why can’t i frollock under a ‘superstar’ label!!’  I deserve it…i’ve pounded the glitzy pavement so much, that now, with the basic ‘ooh laa’ in place (which took years and in two different countries,) i’m at the point where i just need to edge it in the correct direction, with gin, and leave the rest to the natural flow if Wunna Land. Which is also known as ‘LUCK.’ (A lady in Santander today, thought i was 17 today and tried to make me open an under 18’s account, with her? Keiran explained that i was this wife…which maybe didn’t make him look to great. Lol. But, i love being 31 and well when i was 23 i wouldn’t mind someone flying me with the ‘ooh you look 17’ frisbee of love. Yet now that i’m an oldie and on a new raw foods eating regime…i’m terrified that i’m going to look like a skinny 8 year old child, who was tied to a donkey on her arrival into Britain, after a 92 day journey in a UHaul fridge freezer, looking for hope, a visa and a flipping bacon sandwich.

Anyway, on the love front, being a new wifey is a dream. Keiran and I are madly in love, more than we ever have been and we make a better husband and wife then we ever thought. It’s very cuddle-cuddle-kiss fest right now and well we’ve always been a couple of that sort, yet now we’re soo comfortable around each other that i don’t think ANY other man or ANY other woman could ever know us the way we know each other. He looks at me and smiles, whilst saying ‘I’m so happy we’re married. I love having you as my wife.’ THEN he puts us both on a RAW food diet, where yes, everything we now eat is not cooked, be it fish, meat or veg and we’re doing this to get healthy and yeah i do feel healthier, howeer i tell you know, it’s quite quite OUCHY! It’s actually not as hard as you think, but you ARE STARVING all of the time. Keiran’s having to eat constantly and i’m tied to the kitchen trying to conjour up poor Chrissie attempts (lol) at delicious raw food meals. Luckily, i’m having wine inbetween to take the edge of it all. 🙂 Keiran ( my hubby, my man of yummy dreams) has dedicated himself to what seems like a great deal of activity. He’s signed up to running club, a football team, he wants a road bike and is getting back into the gym. Like i said, i’ve chosen ‘wine drinking’ as my sport. The hair-tossing that takes place and the accidental wiggling, during the sips…really does take it out of you. Therefore before you shun my workout…know that it’s genius. SO THERE! We’re happy, we can’t believe how we’ve managed to achieve so much emotionally and be so close in just under a year. I mean this time a year ago, we didn’t even know each other. Now, we’re married, starting a career together, raising baby Ruby and planning another. It could happen to you and let us both tell you, it is far more magical than you will ever think it is.

But yes, we’re slowly getting back into work mode, from ‘fairytale.’ We’ve had a glorious week. I’ve been emailing good old entertain folk in , jolly old high places, sorting out the book, talking to agents and making the plan very clear in my head. You can’t do anything without a plan. I hate ti when people say you can. I look like the kinda kitten who never has a plan, because i PR’ed myself as a messy, accidental ‘almost there’ success. That wasn’t at all true. I’ve always been a plotter, a business minded chica… a planner.  That’s how i’ve done well whenever i’ve managed to do well. All the times i didn’t…i tossed it off and didn’t focus. I time wasted…and partied and…well you know the score. Now i have a family, a foundation and we all have the same dream…we’re moving forard and i promise you, we’ll do it like champs. (Keiran and I were invited to a celeb charity do in Nottingham last Saturday. We drove down, stayed at The Hilton, went to the shindig and loved it. Not only did we have a piccie with the Olympic torch, but we managed to hang out with he girl who has the biggest natural boobs in Britain. He loved that! He LOVED THAT. He was a like an uncalmable little boy, trying to ‘play it cool.’ HAHAHA. We also watched Chloe Pownall sing again. Amazing talent and only 15. She sang at our wedding and well the entire room was in utter awe of her. WE LOVE HER! Plus, we finally got to thank Mark at MBM Events (who actually did our wedding) and enjoy his night in Notthingham for the Lymphoma charity. (More about Mark later.)

Anyway, everyone was lovely to us and we actually weirdly felt like stars. Keiran’s not used to such ‘hoopla’…and well he adored it. Entertainment is certainly his thing. He’s the kinda boy who loves a bit of filming, hand shaking, adoration and fun. We’re very much alike..which pretty much makes it all easier. However, he does get grumpy everytime i try and work. Like, he’ll be working non-stop on his laptop and if i walk into the room looking like i’m about to get some work done, he’ll hate that i’m not giving him attention and in the cutest, ‘little boy’ way try to gain a bit of ‘look at me.’ Usually, it’s moaning. But today it was in the form of his willy. It worked. He won. The blog waited. We’ve had the most playful day together from the minute one. We’ve tickled and giggled, he’s wrestled me, boobie squeezed me and well all sorts…some of it’s far too dodgy to mention and dodgy because it was all performed in jest, meaning we have tragic sense of humours.  We’ve had the perfect time and just the fact that we both know we have each other ‘forever’ has made all the difference.

Okay, i have to go because i’ve run out of things to say and i’m waiting for that important email that never seems to come when you need it too. I’m blocking in my filming dates, sending our wedding photos to the magazines that have requested them, sorting out the book and the tour and organizing life back in entertainment. My diamantes have fallen off and well this wine won’t drink itself. 😉

Love you. x


Above: Ruby being a kitten all day and Keiran *swoon here* doing his first ever husbnady lawn mow. DELICIOUS! Fittest family ever!



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