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So, yes…i’m still in the forest, chilling in my robe, having my last bit of champers, with the babies in bed, my Mum chilling with me and watching dusk fall upon the woods.

Chill time however is OVER and it’s immediately time to do what i do best and that’s WORK.

Check out time is around 10am from the forest, however, during my time here i’ve had to have something arranged…so instead I’ll now be leaving the forest an hour early, to drop the children off in Yorkshire….to IMMEDIATELY travel to Doncaster, jump on a train…and that’s a train headed to London by noon.

I’ll arrive in London an hour and a half later…get to my appointment…’work it, own it’…Lol..and then totter back onto a train to Doncaster by 18.03.

I’ll then drive back to Pontefract, to do birthday drinks for a friend at around 8pm…(only a couple) and then head home for an early start the NEXT morning, where i’m having to travel to Liverpool and be there for 8.30am… (lol, I know) for a whole, half a day…and then finally get back home to chill…Saturday early evening. Phewf.

Now, to be honest…that’s not a lot…the only thing that is a lot is the simple fact that i’m fitting it all into what feels like a day and a half and it all starts IMMEDIATELY.

Wish me luck.

I’ll need it…and gin. Lots of gin.

Wunna x 🙂



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