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[‘Chrissie Wunna- A girl who never needs to ride anyone’s coat tails, for she blazes her own path.’]

Feeling amazing. I’m finally feeling back to my normal and rather brilliant self and who do i have to thank for that? Yep, my darling little pretty pieces of *yummy-yummy* -I have my delicious bit of devoted ‘hubby-to-be.’ (He really has been there for me and pulled me up when i could only look down.) I’ve been quite mental of recent, due to a cheeky imbalance of hormones and the stress of my life getting to me. I currently have everything I want, yet i’ve noticed that when I get everything i want, it triggers off a little bit of terror in me and i turn *doo-laa-lee.* This is why i believe we all need wine. *Hair-toss-wink.* Yesterday i was missing Hollywood,w here the people adore me and my friends really understand what I stand for. Today, i opened my eyes, looked over at my gorgeous little baby Ruby, looked a bit further at my gorgeous bit of hubby and I was really glad that i was exactly where i needed and wanted to be in life. I’m the route to a grand future and well it better to re-lose yourself at the beginning. It means you can enjoy the end. *Wink-Pout-Blows you a Kiss.*

I guess I forgot that i had so much support and there’s plenty of people who care for a bit of Wunna in their life. I have an amazing family, a dedicated hubby, and the most tragically delicious (even though they squander my money on gin) friends. (‘Chrissie don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a great person. Out of all the time i’ve known you, you’ve always made my life worthwhile…apart from that time you sold my arse for gum and a cigarette. 🙂 ‘) -In my defense, i didn’t think he would actually go back to my friends and wank all over their wall. Yet he was a backing dancing for Janet Jackson. I’m sure there’s some kind of points in there? 🙂

Yesterday, after a GIANT blow out. (I’ve never terrified of a blow out. I’ll cry and i’ll fight, but nothing is better than a yeller. When a being ‘shouts it out,’ whatever they were feeling immediately leaves their system.) Anyway yes…big blow out, meant the perfect end to a storm.

Due to me being down and feeling like there was far too much drama littering my life.  My handsome bit of hubby, wanted to make me smile, so he booked us a treat at Oulton Hall, (our ‘happy place,’) for a luxury and extremely relaxing massage. We finally arrived and by 4.30pm, we were both being rubbed down with oils, to mood music, in dark wooden, yet deliciously divine massage rooms, with mirrors, releasing our drama away from our bodies. I’m a ‘luxury’ girl. I love a pamper. I love a treat. I was sooo incredibly stressed, therefore there was nothing better than stripping down and getting my ‘ugh’ rubbed away.

After massages we were both taken to a private ‘Relaxation room.’ It’s dark, exotic, chocolate coloured and sort of Arabian nights. Lots of little beds with beaded pillows and dim lighting. Keiran came in after me and as we both sat on our little chocolate, ‘arabian’ beds of calm, he put my hands in his and with all of his heart said, ‘I love you sooo much, i really do and i can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.’)

(The Oulton hall spa)

We chilled for a peeky little while, chatted, snuggled and flirted with ‘the bubble’ space with caution. Then he decided to treat us both to a gorgeous candle lit dinner at a near by queit, but gorgeous restuarant, where we fell back in love, over shared steak, chicken, wine, and hope. I sat next to him by my wine, (unfortunately in a ‘Bambi’ t-shirt) and we kissed in a moonlit conservatory, while we talked about our future.

As we were waiting for our dinner my phone rang. I missed it the first time, because i’m good like that. But when i picked up the second time, i was greeted my the pretty voice of Georgina and MORE MAGAZINE. (Keiran and I have recently shot for them..incase you forgot.) Our feature and interview, with pictures for the shoot were about to go to print, so little gorgeous voiced Georgina, just wanted to run through a few things, before she frisbeed it off to print. We’re both really excited about it. We can’t wait. The shoot was AMAZING and the day was so much fun. Lots of wardrobe, makeup, picture taking and deliciousness. (In fact, i’m quite use to such. However, i’ve just realized how differernt life must be for Keiran. Army to model. Big ‘U-ey.’)

I had the interview read out to me, we giggled, loved and got all excited again! Georgina said that she felt like she knew me now. We didn’t want to get off the phone. I should mail them a Wunna ‘thank you’ gift when the feature comes out. But yes…our little bit of ‘look at us’ comes out NEXT Tuesday and we can’t wait to see it! (We actually have lots more in store for you, so stay tuned and enjoy.)

I’m glad i’ve woken up happy. I’m ready to enjoy ‘fairytale’ again and embrace to the wonderful things in life. We have the perfect future ahead of us and i’m concentrating on celebrating all things ‘ooh laa.’

My book is going to be a marvel i’m told. Lol. I’m keeping my kitty cat fingers cross. I recieved a long text message this morning, telling me that i’ll get to finally see a copy of the book soon! Yay! We sorted out payment, pictures and privacy policies. Yeah, my story might be a little controversial, yet it’s MY story and i think it’s note worthy. You better all buy it. Or i’ll have to whack you with left over lipgloss monkies and feed you to the lions! (I have a baby to feed goddamit. Lol.) I actually really can’t  WAIT for the book tour and Dolls it is being booked NOW! You might have a little bit of Wunna…sneaky peeking in your town, with a giant marker pen, a gin, a smile and a mouth shouting ‘BUY MY BOOK NOW!’

But on the whole, i’m back in the glitter. All i needed was a rub down, a big sleep, a handsome who cares. Don’t we all. It’s the simple things dollies. Always the simple things. I literally feel like the luckiest girl in the world! #keepingitglamourpuss


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