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Okay, i’ve just had a bit of a ‘nitter natter’ with my best best friend (who pretty much knows the way ‘The Wunna’ works & therefore understands her and her pathetic ways..) I’ve also talked to my Mother…(who is probably the most wonderful being i’ll ever know) and just like that and because i’m a very lucky girl to have wonderful people around me..I am back on track, back in the game and filled to the brim with that Chrissie Wunna strength. I mean i have moments where i completely lose myself. But y’know what, it’s part of human nature and sometimes, it helps you realize how decent you actually are.

I love my life and i enjoy living it. It’s all we have and the most precious gift. If  something gets you down. Feel the ‘pain’ by all means, cry it out, but then hope for better times. I was feeling rather sorry for myself yesterday and even this morning…but do you know what..I’m decent person. I am so lucky. I’m a GREAT girl, a happy girl and thankful for every moment i’m granted with!! And it’s gonna take a lot more than a few sad moments to fully break my spirit. I’m here to be happy and i’m doing it really well!! I mean my heart is being broken right now, but as far as i know hearts heal a lot more than they break. No-one knows you better thanYOU! Try not to let anyone tell you that you aren’t worth their time, as you probably are.  I’m trying to practice what I preach. I just feel awful. I don’t ever want to feel like this again. Like I literally feel sick. I feel like i’ve a lived a life of no-one seeing the good in me and i just need to go to bed…wake up and it all be okay again. I’ve learnt a lot in the past couple days…Ugh. Can’t even talk about it. I’m an idiot.

Anyway, I love you all and i truely hope that you find your inner ‘va va voom’ to get you through any difficult times. I’m right there with you. I’m a lot more normal than i ever thought i was..and i go through the same kinda shit as everyone really. (lol.) Don’t waste time on being awful to anyone, or feeling quite quite sorry for yourself. Pick yourself up, concentrate on the good things you have in your life. Do not obssess about the bad things.  Hold your loved ones close, life is too short and make your story a good one….and do it The Wunna way!

Thankyou so so much for all your lovely messages!  My ‘Ooh laa’ is ON!! (I hope…lol)

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