Back in action

So i’m covered in fake tan, (it’s still drying and gross) i have been stretched (ahem), prepped (love it,) a random person tried to sell me a mop and i’m getting ready for a big audition tomorrow. I am once again back on top form, and half wishing i bought that ‘Miss.Dior’ perfume yesterday (it was delicious delores.) I’m excited, i’m energetic, (which helps) and i’m ready to ‘do the Mcdoey.’ I know, i may be a mess at times, yet when it comes to getting the job done properly, i’m pretty damn good…even if i do say so myself…(she toots that giant horn!!) Stardom is beckonning, and i have the strongest support system, of Chrissie Wunna believers….hahah…in all of the land, and i Thanky!! It’s funny, i can write a moody blog, stating a sheer case of the blues, and out of nowhere, a sudden rush of emails, messages, comments, and pictures (well they’re a bit dodgey…lol) of love and support come thundering in, and i am sooooooooooo deep (deep?) haha, i mean deeply…thankful. Infact i wish everyone had that, as it really does put a smile on my face,  and means a lot to know that people, who don’t really NEED to give a monkeys arse, do!! Makes me feel, whether its true or not, but i’m going with true, ‘cos obviously that makes my ego feel better….that i have a purpose!!

You all are so sweet!! I love you!! (and i promise to keep getting my boobs out for your…winky wink wink.) My prepping is done..i try not too do too much, or take it too seriously, as i’d rather relax and have fun (which could be classed as ‘lazy’ or ‘dosser’, yet…well yeah it is!!) hahaha!! All i have to do tomorrow is dance…..

…how hard can it be??? Bollocks, did i just jinx myself??

3 thoughts on “Back in action”

  1. Keep being the hell-raising, boy destroying, sexy, creative, and dominant diva you are and you will never be bored or be without fans like old pervs like me. Good luck on your shoots.

  2. aww, thanx Jimbo…’boy-destroying’…why does that sound soooo good?? evil evil laugh!! i promise i will keep up the good ‘hell raising’ land thanx to pervs like you, girls like me..hahaha do well!!! love it!! xxx


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