Back from the Forest!


JEEPERS! It’s been a while!

You have my sincerest apologies for not reporting every inch of Wunna Land for you. I’ve missed it. LOTS! However, life just got the better of me and felt so ever so rushy-rushy-rush pants, busy little bee blips that I couldn’t see my head from my tail. I’m still sort of in ‘rush’ mode and well i’ve managed to get home and see that nothing has got done. (This is why kittens should always do everything themselves.) So now i have the giveaway to re-ignite, the gifts that haven’t gone out yet to GET OUT to you, the gifts that have gone out to check up on, do a final big Xmas shop for gifts and dinner and all with the two kiddies. However, saying that…my darling Mother has taken Baby Ruby with her to the salon for a major bundle of pamper down. As i Tweeted..I am certainly now jealous of my own daughters life. There she is getting pampered at two and here I am at home, doing mounds and washing and eating cocktail sausages with Junior. I could actually only blog this now during his nap. πŸ™‚ Life is happy, silly yet hectic. It’s madness I tells you and quite frankly this has been the busiest Christmas i have ever had! So you have my big sorries for everything. Yet al will be back on track. (Saying that, I do want to remind you that i’m in a rush simply because in a day I’m back on holiday in the forest! Therefore enough of the rambling…lets tell you all about it…)


Okay, so usually EVERY YEAR around this time we as a family go to the forest. The reason why we go this time every year is simply because it’s my birthday week, so a ‘trip to the luxury peace and harmony’ of such a place, which as you all know is of great sentimental value to me is usually gifted to me as a birthday treat each December! Yet this time it was all booked earlier so the a more delicious cabin could be ours and all in the name of ‘family.’ Meaning my ‘winkles,’ and my Sister in law ‘Sharn’s’ family were there to celebrate also. Not only has Sharn JUST had a bambino, (Baby Jack to be exact and at 3 weeks old he is LITERALLY the miniest baby I have ever witnessed in my entire life. SO CUTE. Juniors built like a bulldog. I’m lugging him around like firewood.) BUT our darling ‘Mum again’ Sahrn also has the SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!!! IT WAS AWESOME. WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER! And simply because we have the same birthday and because i’ve spent the most luxury time with Sharn, (we think the same way and understand the world in which we lay in) she is now my favourite member of their branch of the family! πŸ™‚ *Wiggles-Winks* I probably even like her more than the way I entered their family. πŸ™‚ But yes, keep up. We’re in the forest for pre-Christmas merriment and birthday joy. Get it? Got it. Glitzy! Good! πŸ˜‰


Now we always get the 5* treatment whenever we venture to Sherwood, which is the only location we’ve done with Forest Holidays, yet when we do things we do them properly! We’ve been 4 times this year so far? Or wait? Is it five? The above is how ace our cabin was. We had the giant ‘sleeps 10’ cabin, which was two storeys on it’s own, yet it also had a long spot lit bridge that led to a cosy couples tree house, equipped with a outdoor swing! AMAZING! When you’re a parent all the holidays you go on have to now be ‘kid friendly’ and if they’re not, you’ll have the hardest time ever. Yet the good thing about this place is that it’s like a home away from home, filled with nature, peaceful, calm and a place where one can privately indulge in utter LUXURY. The kids get tired out and then YOU have the rest of the time to relax in the depths of the forest in luxury.

I mean we were hot tubbing, with champagne and strawberries privately out in the middle of the Sherwood Pines Forest under trees, wildlife and stars. It may have seemed cold to you, but to us we were BOILING. That hot tub is no joke. But probably because the male counterparts of the journey fiddled with the temperature. Boys like fiddling with things. They either get it right, or mess it up. Mostly mess it up. But I am always impressed with the good men who get it right.

So Sharn and I would spent the day looking after babies, as the men decided to take hour long trips to grocery stores, which a women could do in 30 minutes and practically so they could go to the pub. I mean can you imagine two men being grocery buddies searching for budget veg? They couldn’t even be bothered to look for the food. As soon as they walked in they saw a poor boy with a GIANT ‘ASK ME’ sign attached to him and well they did just that and asked HIM where everything was, so that they didn’t have to do the leg work. Lol. Then instead of quickly venturing home to tend to their tired wives, they went to the pub and didn’t come back until they were made to. EVERY DAY! πŸ™‚

The good thing was that this meant Sharn and I had the NIGHTS! The babies went into Daddy daycare and we snuggled up with the champers in the bubbles of a warm, outdoor, forest hot tub. We talked life, love and….well…;) all sorts. Β It’s hilariosu really because we al had a greta time. The boys were fun when we all managed to spend time together and Phil..(Sharn’s partner) managed to come up with these amazing ‘out of nowhere’ POSH PLATTERS. That’s what we named them. Whenever he left the hot tub, he’s conjour up some truly well presented ‘Posh Platter.’ Even is we only had sausages in, he’s tower them up like he was Gordon Ramsey. πŸ™‚ For me, Phil always does one funny thing that has me in creases everytime we go to the forest. Last time he SINGED his own eyebrows off with his lighter by accident at 7am on the decking. (It had been turned to the largest flame on the block without his knowledge. It went whappy on him.) This time, there was a moment of my life where I was all hot tubbed out and sat indoors with Sharn and the babies one evening and we looked out the window (one whole wall is a window that looks out at the hot tub) and PHIL had a headband with a red light attached to it and whilst in his swimming trunks, he leapt out of the tub, placed himself infront of the window and MADLY began walking like an over excited, bit drunk Egyptian. πŸ™‚ PAHAHAHA. I loved it! It is ingrained on my soul forever now. When Sharn and I do something funny, we think it’s GREAT. When the boys do, we just pull faces turn our noses up to their ‘Tom Foolery’ and call them ‘IDIOTS.’ πŸ™‚ I ADORE BEING A GIRL.


(This was before Daddy Day care)

The holiday was cosy, restful, fun, and refreshing. I think I consumed a merry amount of wine because my head hurt when I woke. πŸ™‚ But ah well…I’m a glamour puss. That’s my job. I can rock a hurty head like a kitten.

Our birthday’s were had and well i love having my birthday away. It always feels special and like i’m a Princess. I’m not a ‘it’s just another day’ kinda girl. It’s the day I was fricking BORN. Rubes opened my presents up for me and refused to let me say ‘To Chrissie,’ whenever I read a card. Instead I had to say ‘To Ruby, Happy Birthday.’

There’s just so much to tell you that I can’t do it all in one big blow. But i had happy times, luxury times, Mummy times, sad times and refreshing times all at once. (Yes, I did have a Wunna cry on the last day. It annoys me when that happens. But I guess it’s just the cycle. Life sort of has some glitzy giant bazooka and takes glitter ball shots at me in short sharp spurts. I’m try to duck, dive and weave around them, but I was never that active. Kittens are built for pleasure not speed. In the end, one got me and I wept. πŸ™‚ *Loser* And the worst thing was that I did it at night in front of people. Hahaha. In a green robe and an updo πŸ™‚ )

But that was the only sad moment, other then when I left. They were happy tears because my experience was so lovely. Things in my mind, sort of came to light during that trip. The forest always helps me to see and think freely. I’m quite clear with my way forward and the funny thing is, no-one knows it but me. Just a lot of watching, hearing and absorbing took place. Now that i’m home, that hearing, watching and absorbing, can be placed together in a jigsaw fashion. That jigsaw symbolises my future.


BEST BIRTHDAY CARD EVER. I’m obviously OBSESSED WITH IT. Thank you Sharn! You can always tell if I like something because it immediately gets it’s picture taken and plonked up on every social media channel possible.


Wine in the woods on our Bday!


Oh gosh!! There was a funny moment! ON THURSDAY NIGHT we thought we’d take part in QUIZ NIGHT! We’ve never done it before and well there was only us and another team, so it was kinda good that we did do it. πŸ™‚

Now, I can’t tell if we just don’t have working brains or the Quiz questions were harder than general knowledge, but it really wasn’t that easy! πŸ™‚ Hilarious though because we ended up having to GUESS them all but maybe 2 that we knew. The only answers I knew were ‘I Should be so Lucky’ and ‘Mel B.’ Says it all really. πŸ™‚ Oh now, I’m selling myself short. I also randomly got this other question right, where you had to guess what ‘WORD’ could be placed infront of ‘these three other words and still make sense.’ You’ve all heard that question before. The answer was ‘OVER.’ We didn’t win. We came second by 3 points. The other team had a Doctor in their team (Lol) and got all the same wrong answers as us. Yet because their Status Quo knowledge was far superior..they snagged he winning spot in the bag! I ACTUALLY NOW LOVE QUIZ NIGHT. Sharn wa good at the Quiz, here guesses where always right. Phil was good at guessing measurements and ‘The Bee Gee’s.’ and Keiran…he was good at BOASTING and show boating to the other team when we guessed an answer, even if we weren’t even sure if it was nearly right. Lol. We even had to stop him spelling in the end. He had had an earlier brain blip in the holiday where he was rambling on about something or other? But he got all his phrases mixed up and managed to meander the two…’Practice what you preach’ and ‘Reap what you sow’ into one. ‘Preach what you sow.’ I guess that works in his life. It did at the quiz! πŸ™‚ I stated that we should sent him to MENSA and he looked at me cute, but puzzled, but with mild excitement like MENSA could’ve been some Club in Ibiza. ‘No babe it’s for those with a GENUIS title.’

The quiz, was fun, and of course I playfully moaned at site manager Luke throughout the whole thing because the questions needed to be more ‘Current’ or about ‘Celebrities.’ We still won wine. I want one NOW. And we also managed to make friends with the winning team, who had the same dress sense…which ended in this picture.


They’ve invited us over for Christmas dinner πŸ™‚

It was like a much thicker (0n our part) drunken, ‘Family Fortunes’ in Christmas jumpers. They were much posher and had a Chihuahua. Ruby coloured in ‘Cinderella’ throughout the whole quiz and then tables and then anything she could find. Forest holidays don’t mind, we’re like one of their fave families because we go so much. We get the superstar treatment. Lol. At one point for attention she smeared ketchup on her hands and pretended it was blood for attention. πŸ™‚ OH LORD!!! I wiped it off, after a moment of panic and then gave her more things to colour in.

LIFE IS GOOD RIGHT NOW. Even though I can’t fit everything in and get everything done. My Mum giggles and says ‘Don’t you have like a hundred Baby Daddies that can look after the children for an hour?’ Β (One’ s partying and the other is working. Men for you..and they wonder why we’re always looking out for a hero…because there is hardly any going around.) But whatever it’s Christmas!! Next year is NEW for me. What’s the saying? When life gives you lemons…..slice them up and garnish them on cocktails. πŸ˜‰

Merry Xmas!

Giveaway coming up NEXT!

(You will be getting your gifts shortly.)

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  1. Looks such an idyllic location, kinda magical compared to the soul-less theme parks etc. Since it’s Christmas I will make no note whatsoever of the lack of wunna-hot-hot-tub-photos! πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, have a superb Christmas Chrissie and family. πŸ™‚


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