Baby sniffles, Life and Snails

I’ve LOST Ruby’s pet snail. Completely lost it. She’s going to be sooooo hideously upset. But what can I do? One minute it was there, chilling, not doing much but being sticky. The next minute it had VANISHED. I even named it ‘Sammie’ for her. (Ruby can’t seem to name things with proper names. She calls all her toys ‘Shambuboom’ or whatever? She thinks names have to be far too exotic than they need to be. Fair enough her dolly is called ‘Alexia,’ yet that’s only because there is a Baby Alexia at nursery. (I had a mum pull a dolly out her car during nursery pick up two days ago and say, ‘Chrissie…this is apparently Baby Junior.’ Love it. Naming your dollies after my son. The most adorable thing to do ever! Infact there was a time when people would name their domestic pets…. as in kittens’ after me. I met a guy in G.A.Y on the dance floor mid-boogie and he said he had named his kitten ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ This was straight after the Paris thing of course, as there would be no other reason to be naming your pets Wunna at all.  He later changed the kittens’ named to ‘Jackanory.’ AS IF! Lol. 🙂 )

Anyway, I’ve lost my child’s domestic..well sort of domestic pet. Maybe chocolate will make her feel better. he’s really gotten into me buying her affection. So hopefully it’ll work. I can’t believe Sammie the snail legged it? Where the hell is he?? He can’t have gone anywhere THAT FAST! I should’ve named him ‘Speedy,’ or ‘Amphetamine.’

So, today i’ve had a Baby Junior day. He’s not allowed in nursery whilst ill, in case his lergy spreads to all the other ‘winkles.’ Therefore i’ve worked from home and cared for him. He’s screamed all day, simply because that’s what boys do at me, when they have my full attention. But now he’s chipper and simply because I took him on an outing, after abandoning all work (you really can’t get ANYTHING done, when you have children with you, when it comes to work ) and well I let him flirt with old ladies at the Co-Op. He made him smile. THEN nursery called to say that Ruby’s now poorly and saying that her ‘arm hurts.’ It’s apparently all swollen and ouchy. Poor thing. So, that’s another bambino on the wounded ward. I’m gonna have to take her to the Doctors again.

So much is happening right now with love, work and life in general. I have a big audition, a big interview and a whole lot of madness approaching. I’m juggling work and babies and i’m doing alright at it. Luckily, when i’m out and about and struggling, there seems to be a lot of kind hearted do gooders around me.

Today a guy saw that I couldn’t push in the buggy handle, in order to pack it in my boot, due to a distinct lack of strength. He came and did it for me. AND another guy carried my shopping out to the car simply because I had Junior. How sweet.

But yeah, other than all that…it is difficult and I’ve done a lot on my own this afternoon…it’s okay. Lot’s of women go through the same. I’m one of the lucky ones. I get a lot of help, be it from strangers or those close to me.

It’s important to refrain from feeling sorry for yourself and learn to adjust your way of thinking. I was super down last night and I had no idea why? I was thinking all sorts and well it wasn’t very healthy because all my thoughts were negative. Instead of dwelling on them, I changed my way of thinking to ‘positive.’ Sometimes you’re not as down as you think you are, so don’t let anyone or even yourself talk you into it.

Be happy, be lucky, love hard and enjoy life. You can be a success. You are a success!

Must go.

I’ve blogged in Juniors nap time! BOOYAH!




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