Baby it’s cold outside


My survival skills are AMAZING. You should all tip your hats and start calling me the bouji Bear Grylls. Holy Moly. My boiler is broken! Lol. My boiler is broken on the COLDEST, WINDIEST evening in the entire world. *Add more drama here.*

So, first things first! Babies, taken care off and lovingly sent to ‘nice warm’ Grandma’s house to keep well and chipper. AS THE TEMPERATURE DROPS LIKE HELL, HERE IN WUNNA LAND! Lol. Secondly, Mummy gets home from work and sorts her den, temple, home, whatever you want to call it, OUT! Not only have I blankets, layers, the most beautifully smelling candles in all the land, (seriously my home currently smells like an explosion in Boots,) but alongside all that I have food, lots of food that makes you feel as though the world a safer place, wine and a smile. When you’re smiling….it means you’ve survived and it only means you’ve survived because you still don’t think life is that bad!

That’s what i call tough! πŸ™‚ And it’s much better than he last time my boiler broke down. As before, they couldn’t fix it for five entire days. (I didn’t let that happen this time and made sure that they would be out here with their merry toolboxes tomorrow. Yipppeee!) Last time, this happened…I boked the children and I into a hotel for five days straight to keep warm. πŸ™‚ I remember Wazza messaging me and saying, ‘Have you not hear of blankets???’ Lol. They were one and three at the time and well, if you can afford to make things a little better for them, in times of ‘first world problems’…then you should. Blankets wouldn’t have cut it. This time around and because it’s just me…I’m fine! πŸ™‚ TRRROOOOOOOPPPPER!

Everything’s dandy. I’ve worked all day. Danielle came in again to say her last ‘good byes’ and this time she was sadder, as it had really sunk in for her. I don’t think it’s sunk in for me as of yet because i’m so used to seeing her. It’s when you don’t see someone, when you need them that makes you feel a sense of loss, right? Bless her. She’s been one of my greatest friends at work EVER. I love her. Lots of people got her some really sentimental gifts..she welled up a little at them or smiled. She got presented with a WAD OF CASH, that all of us had put together and she cried. She did happy trickles and burst into tiny tears…over money! HAHAHAH. That’s why i love her! We have the same brain. Kindness is sweet, dosh melts our heart! HAHAHAH. Sooo bad! I’ll miss her. But i can’t wait for her evening do out! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Β πŸ™‚

I’ve received loads of messages from you all and really my love life is fine. I’m great. It’s all positive. And we’ve communicated better today, which makes me more confident. When the babies had gone, I did do a little ‘almost cry’ over a bowl of noodles. (How Asian can you get! Lol) But i think, that i needed to, as I needed a release and i’ll never ever cry when there’s just the babies and I, because you sort of put on this fun bravado fro them. Which i honestly believe is essential! πŸ™‚ So, it was actually great to relax a little and have a brief Princess weep…even if it was into noodles. And why did I cry? I cried because he told me that he still loved me, which seemed to mean the world? I never thought he didn’t love me, that was never the problem, it just feels good to hear it…after such. Plus, I’m a chick who never really believes that people may appreciate me, as much as i’d wish them to. I don’t know why i think that? It’s never a big deal. But it’s more because i’ve remember every single, little, tiny moment, in my entire life, where in which someone has gone of of their way to be someone lovely, or done something lovely for me, without benefit. I remember each moment so vividly, that it must mean that it doesn’t happen every often. Lol. I always say that if you can pin point incidents, be they good or bad…then it’s something that doesn’t occur in your life, on a regular basis. I can never pin point the good things that my mum does for me, as it happens ALL THE TIME.

(Oh my GOD!!! All this is making me do more cries. Lol. I’ve just my face tooo. HOW ANNOYING!!)


Okay! I’m back! But everything’s good!

I feel really lucky and i’m happy because i’m pretty strong, emotionally, when it comes to the big things, And i don’t class strong as being emotionless. Nor do I class it as being the human who weeps and rants at everything. I don’t even class the being who can put on a brave face and smile, as being super strong (however that’s a good quality at times,) but in my mind it’s the being who can have life throw things at them, take it on the chin, pick it up, feel it, rework it and make it right.

I’m that girl πŸ˜‰



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