Babies, Work, Christmas & Spicy Shit

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I have had the BUSIEST day at work EVER!! Infact SO busy, that we all (quite happily) lost our minds and laughed out loud! The weird thing about it, was the simple fact that it was fun. Tiring whilst you’re going through it all…..but fun. I’m lucky. Really lucky… because I work alongside this amazing, team, family, bunch of ‘we’re ace’ folk…and even though we might have a moan, have a rant, have a bitch. a banter…a doo dah….to be honest…we’re all pretty fantastic, in our own special way, which always makes work so much better. Our bond…is good.

So yes, lots of work, lost of running around, laughter, moaning and moments. But greatness! I’ve had a good time. I’m better when i’m busy, as i’m just not a being, who can sit around and not at least try and achieve something….even if that little bit of trying, it just to earn extra during the day, to make myself feel better! Plus, it was great because Ruby came to visit me, My Mum popped in loads, even Keiran sauntered in all suited and booted during lunch. Familiar faces, just on the whole, make the day better. It’s comforting.

Like I said, this part of my life is just work and being busy.’ It’s Christmas time. It’s actually nearly my birthday. I’m ambitious and very much have a plan. a view of how i picture where I might want to be….and when i’m not being distracted (it’s hard being a glamour puss)…i’m pretty on it! *Car Bonnet.* I’m a toughie, behind a girly little smile, a rubbish sense of humour…and specs right now because i’ve run out of contact lenses and need to wait for my day off in order to pick them up! 🙂 I’ doing things right and know that even when things are hard, they don’t always remain that way because I can change them….I’m good at changing things to my advantage. 🙂 So, right now, the sacrifice I make, is not spending as much time with the children as much as my heart wants to and because of work. Yet, i know that once i’ve got to where i want to be, it will all have been worth it and for THEM. Plus, even successful being knows that you can’t get to where you want to be, follow your heart and all that jizzle, without making some kind of sacrifice, somewhere.

I have a wine, spicy pasta and i’m sat on my living room floor blogging. Tomorrow, i’m straight back into work, in the morning and i’m excited! I’m juiced!!

The other night however, apart from writing blogs in pubs….Dodge ended up coming back to mine and doing his ‘John Hardman Cooking School’ thing with Ben, Junior and I! Now, Ben has started to cook (when no one is over) an he enjoys it because he feel in charge. When Dodge comes over, Ben turns into Dodge’s bitch…we both do, but i enjoy learning and cooking with a leader Lol. Ben doesn’t enjoy being told what to do, or gets bored of it, because he want to do his own thing….so it’s hilarious to watch.

The boys made a Phaal….spicy…but delicious. Ben tried to skive off and spend time with Junior, I chopped onions, then skived off with Junior (but when you’re old and have a family, ‘time with the babies’ is more important than anything really, especially if you’re been at work all day Lol) and well a Phaal was made. Dodge got so pissed, he had to go home and pass out, after fully intending to go into town. He left everything he owned at mine and that’s after he consumed shots of whisky and nibbled on Wotsits.



I cleaned up as we went. Drank wine. Chilled. Then I filmed the boys be dramatic about eating something spicy. They filmed me do the same and well I aced it? Which showed them up mildy. Even though it really did make my nose sweat and the food was actually really amazing. Dodge is an AMAZING cook! We can all do spicy. So it was all worthwhile.

Then we all just listened to music. Dodge got a taxi home, then Ben had a Motown evening of singing and them Kareoking to Backstreet boys, love songs and Stevie Wonder…and we went to bed.

My body kills so i need more wine.

I really hope you’re having a great Decemeber! Ruby had her nativity play today, but i missed it, which couldn’t make me more sad. 🙁 But my Mum and Pete went, with my brother to cheer her on and she apparently did AMAZINGLY which is good for Ruby as, it really does depend on her mood. She loved every inch of being dressed up like a star. (An actual Star. Lol.)


Junior also had his nursery photos and he ‘worked it OUT.’ Junior is a natural poser and he’s soooo good when it comes to pics. He had totally championed them and not even if a ‘aww’ how cute sort of way, but in a ‘shit, boy did good’ way! He’s awesome at it, so i can’t wait to order pics!

Right, i’m off. I need rest and to enjoy my Friday night at home. These days, not even one percent of me can be arsed with going out and partying, I’ve got too much going on, and the babies, so my priorities are really really different. I’m busy. Party hangouts for no real reason, are secondary.

Love you.

I bet you all have your trees up now! 🙂


Chrissie! (Totally my birthday in about 2 weeks!!)



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