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So, shopping was BLISS! I purchased, swiped, cash in handed and delighted in just doing ME! Now, I can never just do ME really, as i am just the kinda being who adores to do for others. I’m generous. I can’t help it. Yet i’m not unnecessarily spendy by any means. When i’ve purchased for others, it’s always for a good cause, to make them smile, to feel great about myself, or for my own benefit. 🙂

Went to Doncaster. Shopped. Got hit on by an Indian man, an old one, who was selling me hair. It was weird because i was trying on 3/4 hair pieces and telling him what i needed to bu, infront of this dodgy mirror and he turned around and said, ‘Christina’ (how did he know my name?) Then he followed it off b asking if i was single, do i like Asian food, am I okay with him having my number, do i have a husband living with me and how old my children were. Oh wait…he also said he wanted me to o on a date, that finished off at his house…and was weirdly quite pervy and pressing about it. Made me feel odd, but as always i charmed it over with that great Wunna, over the top smiling, giggling and witty banter. I do that, so guys don’t feel embarrassed.  I hate to make people feel small or mainly UNLOVED. I just needed hair. I was lovely to him. But once my hair pieces were purchased, i flew out the place. Still all smiles. Yet with no intention on doing ‘love’ with him.

I also bought knee high diamante boots! LMAO God knows!?! They were on sale from £125 to £20, so i bought them for any days that i figured i’d fancy myself in them. They’re actually totally ‘glamour puss,’ but just don’t go with anything that I have. I love being a girl, as we can totally justify buying random nonsense.

I’m home now. Keiran brought the babies home at 4pm and we sort of chatted and exchanged happy, mildly flirty gestures. I think we’ll always be that way, simply because it’s part of our nature to be ‘wink, wink nudge.’ We’re similar when it comes to that. Plus, i now think that he secretly fancies me and wants his family back.

I’m in pj’s having a vino. ‘The Aviator’ is on and Ruby and Junior are fast asleep on ‘Love Me/Hug Me’ cushions, on my black and white Union Jack rug. Y’see, being a Wunna baby is bouji. Before they get to resting, BOTH children will get their back tickled and scratched, slooowly for half an hour each, with actual back scratchers that i had to purchase them from that new ‘gadget’ shop thing, that’s everywhere around these parts. You know the one i mean. They will then BOTH enjoy  multicoloured, freshly baked and flavoured, posh bite sized french macaroons, from a patisserie, that we love. THEN, they both lay on my bed and get their backs massaged for 30 minutes each with Baby Lavender oil. to help them relax and have a good nights sleep…followed by cuddles, love, a bit of fighting, Ruby practicing reading and writing, Junior practicing talking and charm…and then before you know it, it’s cushions on the rug, whilst we watch movies and they enjoy warm milk. I WANT TO BE A WUNNA BABY.

Yeah, yeah i’m setting them up for luxury and heartache. But they’re MY babies and if want them to be raised as bouji as possible…and feel loved by me, whilst enjoying the finer things in life…then i will. I love being Mummy and i think that having them spend that Friday night away from me, both makes me appreciate them more and makes them appreciate being home with me more.

I work a lot, so those little moments matter.

I’m building a future and an empire. One day, they will thank me for it. (I hope.)

Moments that matter make all the difference and i believe that every human should enjoy those moments whole heartedly. I also believe that every human should TREAT THEMSELVES and SPOIL THEMSELVES at least ONCE A MONTH. And what i mean by that is that they should splurge on doing something grand or luxurious, at least once a month. It’s weird because it keeps you feeling whole and loved. It doesn’t matter what it is, be a night out with friends, a luxury hotel, that Prada bag you bought out of your paycheck…a wild sex night of passion….a romantic date….time with the babies, a holiday, a spa weekend. Just anything, that makes you smile. It makes all the difference. I do it all the time, so join the luxury bus and get going! ESPECIALLY Mums! We women with babies get trapped in the mundane cycle of our lives…and we NEED that bit of extra love, fun or glamour to get us back to who WE ARE, or to feel alive again, or appreciated once more. Same with busy men. Take time to enjoy our familes and romance your wife….you’ll find it makes life ao much easier for you. 🙂 LOL

Ps/ I’ll tell you about Valentines day in the next blog. I need more wine. I will tell you that i feel so much better now that i’m not ONLINE DATING. It really made me feel shitty and like there were no good men in the world who knew how to romance, adore and be men. It was sort of negative for me. I’m certainly the type of girl who needs to either know the guy already, built a friendship with them, (those boys always win with me,  the friends who swoop on in) or i have to meet them in person. Online dating is really different to me than others, as i have this weird ‘online presence’ and it certainly makes gents act bizarrely.

Can’t wait to tell you about Valentines!

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