‘B’ is for Busy

Morning my little ‘coochies’ of coo. I’m in a mad mad rush and i can’t at all find the time to blog out my life, in this moment, due to laying awake all night, next to my tiny baby Ruby, who slept through the ENTIRE evening, with her hand on my heart…trumping. It’s odd laying awake in the dark, glaring at the ceiling at 3.12am, next to something you love so dearly, (be it a child, a boy, or boozy shag, or a memory) that’s fast asleep…all calm and at peace. I had tummy ache all ngith. NOT HOT. I think i just need to remember to eat more if i’m going to court booze.

I ended up at The Castle, with my hubby to be ‘Keiran’ last night after work. It was warm, cozy and we were sat having drinks and dinner by an open fire. I’m madly in love with him right now to the point where it’s almost (and i do laugh about it) silly. It’s not a position i love and simply because i lose myself completely and surrender to my not so good freind, that cunt Cupid. πŸ™‚ On the whole…i’m happy and well i have the hottest hubby to be EVER.

We did wine and shots and food,within what seemed like a Christmasy ambiance. I bought us pink champagne with dinner and we guzzled and giggled with it…as we talked about the fruit of my glitzy loins! (Even though the waitress ruined our champers moment by telling him how much it cost, moaning about it, talking about how ‘hard done by’ she was, after judging our relationship lol and then moving the bucket of booze over to my side, so Keiran wouldn’t drink any of it. LOL.) If i ask for a champagne list, the answer ‘WHY?’ Really shouldn’t be the correct reply. πŸ™‚ I’m Chrissie Wunna, let me buy booze and then deliver it…with a QUIET…smile. πŸ™‚ I mean she even invited herself to the wedding.)

Keiran had his first day with Ruby at the weekend…and well, i’ll tell you all about it later, as time is getting the better of me right now. But it was magical..and there were pigs. πŸ™‚ He really did an amazing job at ‘stepping in’ as Daddy…a bit too amazing. But i’m impressed because it’s a difficult thing to do. Yet like i said, he’s one of those ‘can do’ boys. Wants to be GREAT at everything. Ruby loved him…and even mildy perved on him a little. You can tell she’s mine, every moment she could attempt to kiss him and get his pecs out…she did. Be it by goats, ducks…or mummy. πŸ™‚

Anyway, i’ll tell you about it later. I’ve godda dash. I will tell you that our romance is blooming, yeah…we’ve only been together 8 weeks. I’m engaged. I’m happy. And we’ve turned our tremendous sex life UP A NOTCH. πŸ™‚ We have AMAZING sexual chemistry and in a way it adds that bit of lust, to our little bit of randonly innocent love. (I’m not excited about him going away.)

I hope you find your happy.

Big winks


Ps/ You are reading this with 20,000 other people, on EVERY continent of the world, who between you speak 40 different languages. Therefore whether your a little Japanese school girl, getting her Wunna fix via her iphone, or a German soldier, perving on a pretty…thankyou for following my life.

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