Attention seeking Kitten of Fabulousness

Up at 5am, worked all morning, stood in a studio, freezing but in the greatest of spirits, laughing at how a gentleman (not a random one, a gentleman who is charge of capturing photographic moments) was trying to make me ‘make like’ i was in love with a rake. I’m sure people like Audrey Hepburn got pearls and diamonds. I get a ‘Chrissie just get in that barn and look like you’re aroused by a rake!’ I did say this to the photographer, who i WILL actually label with a rather big, gummy sticker of ‘Genius.’ (However, he’s not as ‘legendary status’ as Me, even though he believes he is.) I sort of *shook* my head at him and smiled. I’ve worked for this title… this soiled reputation of disgustingly glamourous ‘ooh laa.’ I have the mentally illness, heartache and boobs to prove it. All he’s done is ‘picture‘ my ‘party.’ Yet, saying that…i couldn’t be without a ‘picturer of peoples parties.‘ (Not sure why i’m incapable of simply saying a ‘photographer.’) We got together like perv and…slag. Which again i like to decorate as ‘Attention seeking Kitten of Fabulousness.’ (It’s the ‘private education’ in Me. Mr.Day our English teacher, made us rather handy with an ammunition that others refer to as ‘words.’) Anyway, i took a lot of pictures, had an amazing shoot. Really love my job, my life. Then had the ‘photog’ try to make me feel better, (whilst i was sprawled on something that looked rather ‘I’m in the Army,’ by telling me Marilyn Monroe didn’t have it better, her prop was a windy f****** GUTTER! I love Marilyn, she worked that *shit* like she OWNED… not a single pair of panties!! 🙂

I’m really positive today, really happy. I’ve had a lovely brunch. I’ve put on weight. I’m loving my new thigh-age. My curves. The ‘Bada-boom- Kitty-Ooooh.’ When i’m skinny, i feel 14 years old. When i’m curvy, i feel sexy, womanly. If you ever see me really skinny, know that it’s probably by accident and i’ve either had no time to eat, or i’m heartbroken. I don’t really watch what i eat at all. I think, if you keep active, it just falls off you. Partying…counts as exercise. I mean, it must?

Another thing i wanted to tell you all about, is the fact that now the male fans are being ‘lovely lovely’ to me and not even remotely pervy. They’re once again in their ‘Awww…cute’ comment stage rather than their ‘let me think with my big willy,’ phase. I’ve had to spend the last few days just YELLING at them for being disrespectful, in the good old  Wunna way. I mean, to be honest it wasn’t just because i think it’s wrong, and rude and not the way ANY man should speak to a woman, he doesn’t even know. Yet, more because it was upsetting me. I don’t know why it was? Maybe because there was so much of it *snowballing* it’ s way on Me, all at one time.(I would have almost 40 chat boxes of ‘perv’ nagging at me and trying every method of manipulation on me possible.)  But yeah… it was upsetting. I think it’s because i’m very different to how a ‘boner ridden’ man, who’s seen a few naked pictures and fallen for a fantasy would think i am? I know i haven’t done myself any favours. But i’m a person, not a fantasy. The ‘Fantasy‘ part (and know that i’ve managed to turn myself into some kind of Cyberlebrity, completely by accident,) is simply a job and nothing more. Men believe they can *win* me by making a sexual advance. When really i’m stimulated mentally, more than i sexually. If you have my mind…you have everything. It’s kinda hard for me to date anyone now that i trust loves Me for Me. But don’t worry, i’m not remotely ‘cut up’ about it…I’m Little Chrissie Wunna (*winks* at you) something tells me, i’ll be just fine… (*shimmie* here.) Moral of this story, if you YELL at men who are nothing but ‘sleeze balls’…they listen. Demand respect. You’ll get it. Yet try and do it to begin with. I never did, i sold my soul to the Devil lol) therefore i’m having to do a lot of fighting for it. I mean you’re actions will determine how people treat you. (Ooh hang on…my phones ringing… it’s Jonny.)

But yeah, on the whole lovely day. I feel inspired and ready to inspire. I’ve been peeking in places, and filing my thoughts into appropriate categories of nonsense.  My blog is really taking off right now, and i’m not quite sure what’s happened? I think it’s because i’m slowly openning up…and kinda not just my shirt. Work wise, i’ve been interviewed by people all over the world, who want to know about this ‘kitten‘ who ‘tells of her life,’ which amazes Me, because i literally remember the first day i began the blog in LA. A coffee making man, told me to and i completely said, ‘NO,’ to the point where he actually typed out my first blog for Me.  It’s a joke that went too far, but i’m loving every minute of it because not only do i LOVE to repeatedly talk about myself (ME! ME! ME!) Yet also because i’m not getting FREE stuff mailed to me. Hurrah! (Oh yeah and i like to inspire people, blah, blah, and World Peace. 🙂 )

I’m working on my cosmetics line, getting my books written (which is difficult sober and when you have a lack of discipline.) I’ve been looking through a bunch of different hair pieces for maybe a ‘clip in’ extension line, and i’m being sent all over to ‘wave/smile/meet & greet’ the good people of the world. I think i have a work (which means ‘partying’ ) trip to Dubai coming up. I’m doing Wales shortly…it’s a radio thing and i’m hoping you ALL feel beautiful, strong and like you would really be humoured by watching two sumo wrestlers make out to ‘mood’ music.

Celebrate you’re life. Love who you ARE! You have ONE shot at sort of making a history. DO THAT!!! Let life take you on an adventure. I’ve just watched a really disturbing video of Heidi Montag, talking about her recent 10 plastic surgery proceedures, that she had all at one time. I’m thoroughly interested in the lives of other beings, be they homeless or hailed as ‘superstars.’ People are people. Now, i LOVE Heidi and

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