At Vendome Tonight

I’m on a train right now, so i have to be brief (ooh-er, and the slutty kind.) My ‘Kinky Love Slave’ Samuel and I will be at Vendome tonight, after the show. So come on down and give us a winky…(and i do mean ‘winky’ as in ‘penis’ and not as in a one eyed blink. I’ve got plenty of winks in me…i don’t need anymore. However, i am very much lacking ‘penis,’ in my life.’) Can’t fucking wait! In the mood for some good clean, unruly behaviour. Not sure why?? I can just feel a great Chrissie Wunna ‘moment’ creeping up on ME! Oh and yeah, i’ve decided to make out with anything that moves this evening. Might aswell. Got to get them in before i’m a used up old hag! (And i only have one night left in me, until that merriment occurs.)

Chrissie Wunna (‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend’- ITV2  9pm  TONIGHT!)

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  1. right im gonig vendome then lol i hope u have a good night tonight chrissie how long u in the ldn for tilak? go house and terrace for deluded sat it is gonna be messy chrissie


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