At the BGT Tour Today!!

Lovers, Lovelies and Bitches! I can’t find my leg warmers and i am distressed! I don’t have a pet sumo wrestler and i’m distressed. My tanner didn’t tan me, therfore my life is simply in ruins. But Boyband Jonny now claims to ‘love’ me so i guess there’s something right going on in my wee little worldio!

Anyway enough of that! Was up at 6am this morning to do a one hour shoot, after having to go out last night for a wiggly wink, with my ‘bongos,’ bad singing (did kareoke) and firework display. Not sure how i had one? But i did!! Everywhere i went…there seemed to be a firework display around me.

I did actually flirt with a bunch of hotties last night, but they were a bit chavy for my liking. I’m a glamour puss with a sick ‘ooh laa’ for the finer things in life, or just a good old down to earth knees up…but down to earth knees ups are only really any good if ur surrounded by soliders! (As in ‘friends.’Although i’ll take a couple boys with guns! Wink wink)

Okay, in a rush now! I will be at the 2.30pm Matinee perfoamance of the ‘Britains got Talent’ Tour. I’m really excited to perv on young boys, be stared at and to have my vixen friend Rachel come with me!! Mwahahaha! Where’s my wine!!

Hope to see you there!

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