At The BB10 Launch Party Tonight- Embassy

Pictures from last night. I’m far too hungover to write a whole blog. I’ll fill you all in when i get back home. I’m currently in my hotel room getting ready to present another show again for POP- ROCKTIC tonight at Club 20 in Kensington. But this time it will be all pop acts! I’m excited my sexies!! Oh and i met a husband!

Afterwards i will be quick changing and being rushed down, boobs in tact where i will meet up with sammie (who got trashed with me last night…loooong hilarious story) again at Embassy for the Big Brother 10 launch Party!! I’m a huge BB fan and hopefully will beable to make a jolly fool of myself tonighta. I fill you in with all my jiggery pokery when i get back home. I just don’t have time right now. I’m running late.Ugh!

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  1. u look ream here chrissie who is the other richard with u treacle she is a sort but not as much as a sort as u of course


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