At Junction 32 tomorrow….


Soo, tomorrow Jenna and I are going to be at Junction 32, in Castleford doing a promotion with Heart FM and with a bunch of sunflowers. It’s all very charitable stuff 🙂 and well you and your loved ones, be they big or small can come grow you own giant sunflower with Jenna and I, as part of the Ackworth Garden Centre ‘Grow your own Sunflower’ competition.

We really are awesome people, so you really should come visit us and grow  flowers with us. Jenna was putting all the ‘what we must take’ bundle together before our day together ended and it was a mighty load of flowery/gardeny goodness. Pink gloves were involved, so i was totally IN. 🙂 It actually looked really fun and mainly because it couldn’t be more random.

So come enjoy it…It’s Summer after all and everyone needs a Sunflower in their life.

Chrissie x





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