As Busy as a Bumble…

Really busy today, so i’ll have to check in later! I’m groomed to the Ultimate Glamour Pussy heights, i’m working, i’m owning and i swear i’m having a minor, yet delicious meltdown.

I’m currently starving, so i’ll have to grab a bit of lunch with a side of jiggery pokery! Oh and i can’t wait to see who’ll enter the Big Brother house tonight. I mean i want to know, since they’ll be littering my party seen in months to come and trying to out *pout* me. lol Shit i feel all lost and confused and because i haven’t had the joys of eating carbs in the last 5 hours! GIVE ME BREAD!! These are WORKING hips!

I love you, i have to leave you…i’m in over the knee, bowed stockings and well wish on stars, tickle fairies, but more than anything…do it with a wink and a cocktail!


Wunna x

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