Arranged marriages/ crap bags, and cardies

You can’t FORCE someone to marry someone!! Well, ‘I’ can( hence my two husbands) yet if you’r not me, Elizabeth Taylor, or JLO, then no you bloody can’t!!

I’m not just ranting on about this weirdly!! I just heard on the news, that little 11 year old girls, of the east indian variety, are being FORCED to marry dirty old east Indian men. And just for a treat, they are getting SMACKED in the face, if dinner isn’t on the table by 5pm, and then they’re getting forced to have SEX with the dirty smelly indian men, to make babies!!! Bloody hell!! What is wrong with that culture?? Arranged marriages SUCK!! Normal marriages are hard, let alone ones where you don’t get to pick the other person!! haha!! I say, let 11 year olds, be 11 year olds. They should be playing with dolls, not dirty old indian penis!

If a dude like that, came 2 steps near me, he’d probably get ‘EGGed’ to death by my drunk friends, after we stole his taxi. Then if he did end up taking me, he’d probably send me back in 2.3 minutes, due to sheer fear!! I’m a shit wife! But you can’t win them all can you?? I make for it in the bedroom though…honest!!

God! My eyes are stinging!! They kill right now!! They like have shampoo, still in them from my shower!! UGH!! Whatelse did i want to say??

Oh yeah, i love how if boys wore cardigans, back in the day, of any sort, they’d get called a ‘Puff,'( butt pirate) and beaten up behind the bike sheds. Yet now, if a young man, steals his sister’s cardy to wear, on a boozey night out. He’s called, ‘alluringly handsome,’ a ‘gentleman,’ soo ‘stylish.’ Times are a changing my chickens!! ILOVE IT!!

However, what i don’t quite love, ( there had to be something) is the fact that, someone is trying to sell, eco-friendly bags, made out of CARDBOARD, for £180!!! It’s made out of bloody cardboard, for crying out loud!! How can it cost £180??? GO back to math class!!Hellooo…homeless people sleep in it..for FREE, not £180. It’s the biggest load of bollocks, i’ve heard all day!! Unless, you want to give me one for free, then yes they are DIVINE and soooo worth it!! hahahaha!!

Shit my eyes are stinging so so bad, right now, and i need to get a beery, before calling my ‘Latin Lover.’ I miss him!! It has also just turned into the windiest day ever outside!!! God is punishing me!!

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