Anything but a Jaffa Cake

Just got back from the most glorious lunch time. Not only is the weather so delicious it could *sizzle* the most soiled of hearts, but EVERYONE is out in NO clothes. I’m Chrissie Wunna. I delight in this behaviour. I Thank The Lord for this behaviour and well, (forgive me if you must) but i JOIN in with this behaviour! *Flings bra off to stripper music.*

‘Loverboy‘ picked me up today, in a car of ‘blue’ and after i had mildly flirted with the gardner and told the workmen that they really stood no chance with the Glamour Puss. One of them believes I am 16 years old, and claims he’ll ‘talk to me when i’m older.’ The fact that he’ll probably be dead when i’m older worries me mildly. But whocares, Robin the gardner is hot and well Lover Lover Lover boy is DELICIOUS! (OMG he dressed slaggy today..arms, legs and muscles! I enjoy the golden slaggy looking *hunka chunk* of dream that i have. He smirked at me sexily… like he was terribly impressed with the way i wiggled. I adore his smile. Oh my god…i’m actually smitten, like a little girl smitten….but the good kind where you don’t actually have to Facebook stalk them and you don’t end up crying into your pillow quite tragically after rum! (THANKYOU GOD!! Shit, i’m getting a Flashback of when my LA friend Meghan and I actually properly stalked a boy she adored on foot. Then she went on to stalk Ben Affleck successfully at Warner Brothers. Follwoed by her then flying all the way to Boston in the name of love to MAKE the object of her desire fancy her…and i can’t remember what else, apart from us stealing strawberry maragritas from an LA Mexican restuarant. We had the the staff chasing us, and got told off by a pregnant women. Haha! I loved Meghans ballsiness! When she loved, she love hard..and with an undying dedication!! Lol. We haven’t spoken in years! Miss her! But maybe it would be a bit awkward now? I loved how she always use to call my boobs ‘Wumbo jumbo.’ )

Anyhow, (lets get back to it…) I’ve noticed that Loverboy never fails to make sure the first thing that comes out of his mouth the moment he sees me is a compliment. ‘You’re absolutely beautiful.‘) It works boys…take notes! He’s done this from day one! Infact he use to do this at school when he was eleven. 😉

So yeah, He took me to a nearby beer garden for lunchy and we merrily dined on red meat and salad, with wine, whilst basking in the sun! Today i looked quite Dolly…dipped in shy cute and cuddly. He was quite  ‘horn dog’…dipped in shy, cute and masucline. We’ve really solidified ourselves as a couple now. We deeply bonded and it takes no effort! He knows me better than anyone really! I trust him and with me that’s a biggie, as from the stories i can tell, you KNOW i haven’t had it too great with gentleman. We enjoyed lunch, and dined outside and then he immediately whisked me for a little romantic Summers day surprise. How lovely!!

Now, believe it or not, but i’m a girly who enjoys the simple things in life. Yes, i do drown myself in luxury, but really the simpliest things make me smile…and probably because i’m so used to complications! My darling ‘Knight’ packed up blankets, bought pear cider, bundled up blankets, with sunscreen and took me to the park…Ponty park to be exact, (which is a massive stretch of grassiness, with a horse race track around it, and a lake full of swans, beautiful things and probably dead bodies. Woohoo!) I am joking! It is lovely!

He held my hand and kissed my forehead (he was actually exceptionally gentle with me today) and he walked me to a deliciously romantic, grassy spot, where we liad down blankets, drank pear flavoured drinkies, and sunbathed! It was like we had the whole enitre world to ourselves, and well the sun was BLAZING HOT!!! I swaer down, i’ve caught the sun like no other. I now look Blackanese! I go this really dirty dark when i’m baking in sunlight…and although delicious…it really would be better if i actually smelt like chicken. (I smell like roses just so you know.)

It was cute when we walked down there. i held the blankets and my baby pink Pauls Boutique bag. He carried the crate of pear cider and smiled at me lovingly, whilst telling me I was beautiful and bunny like. Then i farted…giggled and we cracked up before a lovely, lazy, sun drenched roast! We watched planes fly above us, and children kick balls around. He went shirtless! (THERE IS A GOD!!! Oh my word, i’m so easily won over during thses moments…When Pete takes his top off i dribble. It’s sexy.)

Now, i’m not a party pooper, so i too flung my tube top off and grazed ina  tiny white frilly shirt and frilly baby pink bra, whilst swigging pear cider from a bottle, pouting, winking, rubbing my boobs and topping up my tan, after each *Kiss.*

All in all wonderful day. But i am now sooo completely knackered it’s crazy! (aaah the life of a glamour puss.) When i absorb the sun, i seem to slow down. My skin eats it up. I have a lot of things on me that eat things up and luckily i use them to my advantage. Infact a little too much to my advance..since my period has decided to not arrive just yet! (Maybe that’s why Loverboy was being so gentle?)

Today was calming and stress free. Don’t you just LOVE those days. When you’re not stressed you can really appreciate your surroundings and be delicious!

For the firts part of the morning, i worked hard,. i tended to writing and scheduling all my meetings. I’ve a lot on at the moment…and i’m so excited. Unfortunately it means i’ve have to miss the Big Brother party this evening, but i don’t care, because i actually heard that it wasn’t going to be all that it’s being slopped up to be. Plus, it’s better to be in a position where you have too much work on, that you actually can no longer makwe the little events! But i’m sure it’ll be fun and i hope everyone has an amazing time!!

I’ve just got off the phone to Carlos in LA. he’s in charge of developing my reality show out there. I adore Carlos, because he’s got one of those soothing voices, that should be belong to a thearpist! Not only that but he has a solution to EVERY problem. He’s writing the episodes, and called me for advice! I was about as much help as a chocolate fire guard. I’m just exhausted right now, and with work and sun, and ooh laa laa (it’s hard ebing this sexy) i think i just need a bit of a rest!

Anyway we had an amazing chat, (i enjoy his delicious voice…all deep and calming,) then my pink Black Berry decied to have a mind of it’s own just cut him off! My phone does this ALL THE TIME! Like my nipples…it’s a bitch! I thought it had run out of charge, but it seems it just didn’t want to be used anymore, and got fed up!

Luckily, our phone convo was pretty much done anyhow and we got a little more done! Right now i’m concentrating on my books and my cosmetics line. But i can’t wait to film the show in the fall. Let me tell you….the pokery before the storm is insane. There is so much work!!! I feel like i’m trapped inside a tiny cup of *whirl* and i’m getting flung around in a current of gin, without a dreamy lifeguard or a fricking float! However, i’m a Human Dynamo and can pretty much take anything but a jaffa cake ( I hate jaffa cakes)…so i’m all good, and smiling. I almost feel invincible and well i’m in a very lucky posiion. I’m not sure why the world is being so good ot me right now? Y’know with Loverboy, work, playtime and home life. Yet it’s all rather perfect! I’ve never had any of this before, all at one time??? Yeah, I’m really confused…but ofcourse my Pusses…I love it!!

Anyway, i hope you have a great rest of the day. I have a lot of chillaxing, pouting and purring to catch up with and a shower of *cold cold* to sprinkle over my merry self of marvel. Life is currently perfect!! What more could a kitty need! (*Has a peek…still no sign of period.*)

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