Another Party of Pooper & Maths

OMG! I am completely shit at maths! I have spent the rest of the afternoon trying to calculate and find the percentage rate of things that are apparently essential to running any business. I am rubbish at it and therefore apparently doomed. I tried to get a ‘Handsome’ to explain it to me, however he unfortunately attempted to do it via the fine art of ‘looong much.’ Y’know, when you’re at school and the teacher gives you a day to day story, with a mathematical equation that sort of goes like, ‘John rode his bike for 5 miles, then stopped for a cup of tea for 44 minutes. He then continued on his bike ride for another 72 miles…how many etc…’ You get the picture! Now i was never good with these sorts of examples and simply because i was more concerned about the story, as in where he went for dinner, who did he meet on his way, what was he wearing? That the maths part of it took a back seat.

A ‘Handsome’ tried to explain VAT and percentages to me by throwing one of those little ‘work out the maths part’ story’s at me. Instead of using John on a bike…which is bad enough. He used WINE! Now if you’re going to work booze into any mathematical equation and expect me to focus on the maths part of the shindig and not the chardonnay, they you’re an idiot. I don’t take advice from idiots. He said ‘It’s like if i bought 14 bottles of wine and spent half of your…’ He’d already lost me at the words ‘bought’ and ‘wine.’ The rest of it doesn’t matter and if it does, then you’re mindless! Why be handsome and explain maths? Take off that shirt and wang it across your head madly!

Bottom line: Wunna is shit at maths & doesn’t appreciate delicious males, who do not stick to their strong points. (Which is nudity.)

I’m having one of those days where Loverboy is pissing me off! I’m being really calm and really cordial. (Which is unlike me, when i feel the need to express.) But i’m bored right now, and well i want to do something fun and exciting. (We had something fun & exciting come up, because you always get what you wish for.) Pete…who’s always busy…is destroying my ‘fun & exciting’ and simply because he can’t be arsed to be brave. I don’t like to not get my own way. So i’m pretty much thinking *Thumbs down* to him for being a major party pooper. UGH! I currently need a funner counterpart.

So what does Wunna do when she doesn’t get her own way? She causes good, clean trouble. So whilst i’m thunbing through my little tinselled book of ‘trouble to get into’..whilst i’m not thoroughly enjoying the ‘boring parts’ of our relationship. I’m wishing for things to turn around and *spark* up. UGH! I hate people who put a downer on my ‘good time.’

Is it time for ‘Teen Mom’ yet? Loverboy is pissing me off. I just seem to want to kick him. Yet as we all know in good loving relationships, *Blanking* them is a far more effective option. #Glamour Glamour Puss Puss!

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