Another One Bites The Dust


Okay so when your random dates ends with one of the two parties having to HIDE in order to accidentally lose their date in a club, due to their ridiculously embarassing antics, followed by a being FOUND, by the date and having to listen to them ask them whether you are a ‘human being’…well you kinda know it didn’t go frightfully well, right? Yes, i did try to hide and unfortunately behind champagne bottles, sparklers and reality tv contestants. (I once tried to hide, in a UV room, in giant WHITE fairy wings. I got no skillz)  However, the art of ‘having to do The Robot with Rex Newmark in the strobe lighting’ got the better of Me, and immediately my date, well… FOUND me. He was awful, so i decided to get my chillax on with my friends who were at the club. (Y’know Rex has got this new tattoo, that he apparently tried to wash off in the morning, (haha) that reads,’ U? .’ We crumped and pretended we were black, dry humped a little, winked. Great guy. Hilarious! We were at the Lil’ Wayne party. I cuddled Georgina Baillie (Georgina

Anyway, let me tell you how i met my date yesterday. On the street in Camden, after getting free stuff from vendors who remembered me. Got stopped by one of those ‘Charity’ guys, who you try to often ignore. Luckily he was tremendously hot, and well we ended up talking, bantering..he was cheeky, fun, and we exchanged numbers. He did however tell me that people in England do NOT wear sunglasses inside!!! (I do..i do whatever, i WANT!) I immediately (to win my case) pointed at a gentleman in a wheelchair, and said ‘He’s wearing them!!!’ The response i got was, ‘No Honey, He’s BLIND!’ (Classic ‘Chrissie Wunna’ Moment.) To be fair, he wasn’t blind….he simply had no legs.

Anyway, i leave ‘Charity’ guy to go do my doo, all fur booted and divine, then text him an hour later. he had just got dumped by a girl, and showed me a text that read ‘..sorry, i just can’t do this.’ I felt bad for him, and well now i feel bad for that girl. Hot guy! But Insane!!!!!

Had to go to the Lil’Wayne thing for 10.30pm, therfore met up with him at 6pm on Camden High street outside H&M. he kinda came across earlier has ridiculously confident…however, when i saw him this time, and in my going out, full on Wunna ‘ooh laa’ outfit…he turned into a nervous WRECK of a man. I liked the pwoer, but only for 3 seconds. Plus, he then stated, that ‘he was 100% confident and doesn’t ever have a front.’ Busted!!! As soon as that line flies out of a mans mouth…you KNOW he’s gonna be the exact opposite. He’s sold it too hard. Plus all boys have a front. They have too.

We did drinks in 3 different bars. I bought them because he’s poor. (UGH!) Banter was good, except it was all about ME..which i usually like, but not really yesterday. He took pictures of Me, whilst i was onmy phone, told all his friends and then we ended up at ‘Lock17’ on the canal, in Camden, chatting. Not being funny or anything, but this guy has deep rooted insecurities, but in a way that you want to care for him. And well…he can DRINK DRINK! Fucking hell! Not only that, but there were far too many toilet breaks, for me to believe that he wasn’t a coke head. He returned all glassy eyed, and overly talkative…each time. I can’t handle a druggie boyfriend. It’s hard enough handling me.

Made a bad decision and took him to the event with me! NEVER again. Good guy, but lots of inner pain. A giant handful. Plus, i don’t think he’s used to going out and about too much. Not very socialised and well i’m a socialite! But at least i took him and he had a decent time. What i didn’t like was that he felt insecure and then started acting up. Not fun. He didn’t really understand that when i go out somewhere like that, well people are going to want to pull me away for a second, talk to me, have a piccy now and again, pick ‘The Wunnas’ mind, or i’m gonna get pushed through the crowd, with him being a bit left behind…etc etc…it’s normal. But i get it..he’s never been around it. But come on, there’s needy and there’s needy. He was also shocked by the amount of ‘boyyage’ that was trying to hit on me. I had another guy friend there at the club, who whenever a random ‘player’ guy walked up to me, and then had to walk off 7 seconds afterward, after being politely shunned by The Wunna, would laugh out loud and chant ‘Another one bites the dust!!’ He knows i can handle it, it happens 42 times a day. I like people like that! But well ‘Charity’ guy doesn’t understand that that’s going to happen, but also not only do i HAVE to do the going out thing, (at the end of the day it is promotion) but I LIKE to meet people..and i enjoy DOING IT! Annoying. Plus, i was getting my period, which i’m actually quite happy about because well i didn’t tell you, but i was having a bit of a quiet pregnancy scare with ‘Lashes.’ Last night made me miss him. I laid on my side of the bed alone, and looked at his side and sighed. It smelt like him. I then foolishly texted him. He still won’t talk to me, therefore it’s a good job, i got my period. Lol.

Anyhow,what i also didn’t enjoy about my date.( Mr.Charity,) was that he kept talking about money and people with it. He’s never been blessed with it, and well i’ve been lucky in life…and basically it’s really RUDE to talk about it..ALL the fucking time. It bores me. He felt intimidated. I didn’t like that. I welcome people from all walks of life, into my life. I am non-judgmental!! He tried to be and was guessing how i would be. Don’t do that! I hate guessing…i like fact! (I was going to attempt to make this blog funny, however…it wasn’t therefore i can’t. Hahaha.)

Long story short, we left separately. He called me whilst i was in my cab back home at 2.01am, being quite kind actually. I mean, he’s an alright guy, but too much for me. I can’t take on that much baggage. I’m strong, whole and happy…always have been, (I mean i did my ‘down’ time years ago) and i almost feel drained. We’ll stay friends…but nothing more. He wants a Date 2.  I’ve also noticed how, my last 3 boyfriends/ dates have all had Fathers that walked out on them. Maybe that’s the problem?? Cupid sucks! Oh and Daddies….love your sons and stay with them.  🙂

Going to meet my Aunty today. Have a good one my darlings. I need coffee and more sleep.

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  1. tell him to shut up your boring me if some one has slipped u know u are a mug to them and have it on your toes not go and pipe to the bird have some pride. how was lil wayne i like some of his tunes see u need ot take me out i will win u over and one thing is for sure u wont have a boring night and u are gaurenteed a steak dinner ha ha ha


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