Another day…


So, the good thing about life, is the simple fact that some of us are lucky enough to peel open our eyes, no matter what time it is in the morning…and do it all over again. We get another day. Another shot. Another go at it. We as humans, tend to forget how precious that extra day is! So, if you do anything today, it’s a day to remember how lucky you are…even if everything seems shitty. 🙂

Okay, so last night, i had a bad, night, but today i’ve woken up feeling right as rain. I’m already sick of simply because everyone keeps beating me at bids because i have no time to dedicate to the art of ‘gimme, gimme, bid, win.’ UGH! But it’s all in good fun…and money… 🙂 and well…i can’t think of a better little past time for any Glamour puss to have. (This chick named ‘Ying T’ keeps out bidding me on my Manolo’s…but i’m going to let her win, since i have work, babies, nursery runs, eyelash line pics to recieve and great hair today. Plus, she’s sounds like too much of a fashionista for me to be able to handle at this time. In fact, the site made me so merrily annoyed…that i ended up just buying my own shoes and handbags…just because i could. 🙂 It’s kinda funny because it’s a shitty thing to get annoyed as, as there are so many people in the world, starving, dying and completely and utterly less fortunate, who would give anything for a price of great life pie, right now, especially at Christmas. …and here’s me moaning on about ‘Ying T’ who keeps trying to steal my Manolo’s.)

Today is going to be a wonderful day. I can feel it in my bones. And i’m happy that we’ve finally made it to December, because lets face it, 2014 has been a tough ear for all. However, i adore December simply because not only do i have a lash line coming out…within moments or hours…

BUT IT IS MY BIRTHDAY IN 18 DAYS!!!! (Cue: Will.I. AM Birthday song.)

This year i can’t wait to turn another year older simply because i feel as though i’ve worked so hard that i deserve a treat. I need a treat! A big old treat. Who’s going to treat me!!??!!

Anyway, i’ve really got to go..babies, work and all that jiggery pokery. Plus, the children are brushing my hair with back combing brushes for kicks…which isn’t doing my ‘updo much good.

Love you lots, Lol



ps/ Stay tuned. Lashes to come.

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