Another crap relationship

So i cried a little last night, not hysterically, just those silent baby tears, which often is quite worse!! (haha…what am i like, sooooo dramatic.) ‘Latin Lover’ is depressing me, and pretty much making me feel down. I have no idea what’s going on in his life, because he doesn’t wish to talk about it, yet he does feel the need to be rude to me, be snappy to me, and basically vent his stress (that has nothing to do with me) on me. Once again, i’m in a thrillingly crap relationship. Trapped! I’ve told him not to contact me for a week, as i need to empty the clutter in my head. Everything i say to him, he turns into a ‘You think you’re better than me…’ conversation, (quite a talent) and goes on about how he despises my ‘dry’ sense of humour. (Oh NO! Not the evil Wit! How could he!!!) Why does this always happen?? I feel so much better as a free spirited ‘independant.’ Relationships suffocate me. He’s gone all ‘inferiority complex’ and everything….completely hop, skip and a jumped, into a different person,  which i think is a good thing as, if we don’t develop we might aswell wither away into the seas of non-existance. Yet the bloke  he’s morphed into is pretty horrid, and someone i could hardly see as my ‘Gentle Knight.’ Fairytale chicks get all the great guys! Those ‘sleeping beauty, white as snow, dwarf slaves…oooh i lost my glass shoe at a fancy ball,’ whores!! Having said that i’m feeling much better now! Don’t know what i’d do without my blog? I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it’s my therapy. I told him he could ‘go do whatever, or whoever he so wishes…’ his oh so romantic and  ‘not the right answer’ reply…..’ I WILL.’ (quote to boys: not what girl wants to hear EVER. Right answer: No honey, i’m so so sorry, i love you more than anything…blah blah etc….)

Anyway, i’m gonna drop it, and carry on being my merry self, as i’ve got to keep my concentration. Life is too short and all that jazz. I can deal with him later, for now…it’s the ‘Chrissie Wunna’ show. Va Va Voooom!! I look hot, i feel hot, and i’m ready to tackle the day. Shame my coffees shite this morning….i think i’m gonna need it!

5 thoughts on “Another crap relationship”

  1. Awwwwww… nevermind hun – you’ll be the Queen Of Playboy soon and you’ll have all the man-meat you can eat…


  2. This is one of the hazards of long-distance relationships. Knowing what I do of your history, I’m sure the two of you will work it out.

  3. hhahahaha, thanx boys, i love you. ‘Man meat’- i love it! My love life rocks! And yes bretty, you will one day be are divorce lawyer, then have to re-marry us the next hour!


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