Angels like harps

Just woke up to harmonicas. The good thing about waking up to harmonicas, is that it means someone quite close to your bedroom location, is having fun times, or is drunkard. Yet the shit thing about waking up to harmonicas, the devils music, is that it’s bloody SHIT!!! I’d rather wake up to monkeys fingering my eyeballs. Whoever invented that particular musical intrumental, needs to get SHOT or discover more tuneful instruments like harps or something??? Angels like harps!

Anyway, i’m feeling good. I’m madly in love with my ‘Lover de Latin.’ He knows exactly what to do, or what to say, or what not to say, to make me smile…He’s an old romantic..even though i do remember threatenning to SMACK him?? (i guess he gets a little too ballsy, when i’m not actually in smacking distant!!) ‘Hero’s in a half shell!!’ I’m bathing, i’m packing, and i’m getting ready to attend weddings. I have a highly inappropriate dress, so i’m extremely excited!! Maybe i can run off with the best man…but probably not, as my guess is that he’s minging. (Eww…laa!) Weddings are great because you can eat and drink as much as your heart desires for completely free, and feriously hit on as many blokes as possible, giving them the old ‘bedroom eyes’, totally leading them all on, and knowing that you will never see, not even one of them again. Yippee!! I love it!! Flirting it gets my juices flowing and i feel like i’m on ‘hot, glamour puss’ alert. Ninja! Ninja!!

Anyhow my darlings, i hope you have a wonderful day, as i must tend to my tresses, and my vodka. I’m wishing i didn’t eat two Big Macs now and i could be a little more tan. I love you, oh and just incase i forgot to thankyou for everything…Thankyou…hahaha, and for everything!! xxx

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