Angels, Devils & a bloody snotty nose


Jeepers! How annoying!

So…tomorrow, I have a MASSIVE meeting that I have actually been given the honour to be at by 10.30am. I can’t even stress the BIGNESS of it to you, as I have a sense of panic, meaning it must mean something to me. It’s not a normal Wunna *shrug off,* it’s a moment where I at least have to try and be somewhat impressive AND I WILL, snotty nose or not!

I’m certainly going because I’m not one to slam the door on opportunity, as I’ve always believed that ‘winners at life’ find the positive in everything, make everything work and seize all opportunity with a Hero chest and ‘losers at life‘ just sulk in dark corners, think everything’s broken and wave the ‘can’t be arsed‘ wrinkles.

However, OF COURSE, I get given  this opportunity and at the same time get given a jolly ’bout of THE FLU!! For crying out, Mother Mary, LOUD!!!! Who are my actual Guardian Angels? Really now..because they are seriously starting to piss me off and make me look like a twit at all costs.I’m firing my Angels and hiring Devils.  You can’t lob me an opportunity and then fly me the flu so I have to struggle my way through *pizzazz* with a panic.I’m Chrissie Wunna. I don’t derserve this! I deserve riches and merriment and love and  to be able to go to the bank, just like Scott Disick and pull out $100 bills, simply so I can place them on my toilet roll holder and pretend to wipe my bum on them for pictures and Twitter excitement. 🙂 I can’t help but be humoured by him. What a superb choice in wife!


‘I don’t know how YOU’RE going back to The States, but i’m going back a LORD.’ #SD 🙂

But anyway, back to Me. I can do fabulous! I can do pizazz! BUT I can’t do it as outstandingly with the flu. No-one can!! And the worst thing is that you can’t go in there with a ‘Hi, I have the flu’ as that’s no way to begin positive conversation. You can start a convo with a ‘Hey, I have an infection.‘ Even I’M not charming enough to wiggle out of that predicament. So, I have to wing it and hope for the best. UGH! I’d give anything to just be well! *Cough-Splutter-Cough-Puke*

I’ve got to be there at 10.30am and present my piece…with a snotty nose, stingy eyes, achy body, sore throat and a MAN VOICE. The man voice is the worst thing, as they’ll think that it’s my actual voice, which I will find quite disturbing, as my vanity won’t have it. I’ll have about an hour to impress them and after croaking my way through it, I’m hoping their answer will be ‘OH GOSH, YES.’

This will either go really well or really badly. Therefore, I need your good vibes’ to make sure I don’t roll in and bollocks it all up. I was meant to go to my thyroid scan tomorrow, but again it’s going to have to get rescheduled. Ah well…never mind about curing the giant lump growing out of my neck. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all for now.

I’m off to get ready for a nursery run. Ruby’s going to Pete’s for a few (hours not pints :), ) so i’m going to pick up my baby boy and giggle with him for ages.

I have a calendar shoot almost booked and a website shoot to be penned in.

I NEED to be better by tonight.

What do I even do? They’re not even gonna think i’m ill because I have this shit habit of wearing too much bronzer which makes me look really well and healthy.

Damn You Estee Lauder!

I definitely need wine.


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