And we finally step it up….

Happy Saturday you little dollops of yum-fest! Nothing ended my Friday work week better than a ‘good news’ phone call from @RussArkinstall, whilst i was sat with my Crabbies ginger beer and big hair do, on my corner sofa, by a pair of fluffy slippers and a  budget chandelier.

It’s always great to be the bringer of ‘good news.’ It’s a feel good job, that sets you alight with an ‘oooh,’ then an ‘awwww.’ I’m quite excitable anyway. Never fake excitable, because I hate it when chicks are all pretend screamy with joy, like some of them were in the BBF house. If you’re genuinely happy. Shriek for England. But if not…don’t pretend and mainly because you’ll look like a twit. (I mean twat. 🙂 *Wiggle-wink.*)

I watched my phone ring, picked up my phone, got delivered good news and jumped for merry joy. I did do a *shriek,* however i immediately apologised, as i claimed it was unsuitable behaviour for a Friday ‘need to get out of the office’ o’clock. Poor Russ hadn’t begun his weekend yet, so i’m sure the last think he would want to hear is a happy, shrieky, ‘on her weekend’ Glamour Puss. But whatever…i love good news and he loved giving it to me.

As always, the good news wasn’t just for me, but was directed at my yummy bit of hubby also. It seems we’re certainly coming as a team (so to speak ;)) right now and well what a glorious team we make! So i called him immediately, got to deliver the news myself (which i always adore, there’s not a person in this entire world that doesn’t enjoy passing on merriment.) He was actually in a giant van driving by a roundabout or something? I was only half listening. I just like to get the good news out, here him happy, then hang up. I’m impatient. 🙂

But yes, as predicted Handsome Keiran JUMPED for JOY and I do mean ‘actually happy’ captial ‘J’-joy, the kind that comes from a juicy bit of your heart and with a giant, macho ‘GET IN,’ he put his foot down and rushed back home to celebrate. (When i say celebrate, i mean just nap. The last couple weeks have been busy with work, travel and the art of determination. Entertainment is a lot more exhausting that anyone thinks.)

Yesterday was great and mainly great because we could finally *sigh* with an honest satisfaction and high five The Gods on the next rung up the ladder. We’ve worked really hard to make our dreams come true, extremely hard over the last couple weeks and bizarrely one by one, we seem to be turning the victory cards over and cheering. This all occured after a loss. A big loss that made us more determined to succeed and find a way to make it all work. Like i’ve always said, it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how quickly you can recover from it, flip it and make life work for you. We’re two very sexy 🙂 and very strong minds and as individuals we’re unstoppable, yet as the hubby-wife tag team we are divine….(even IN clothes. 😉 ) *Have a booty dance here*

So, we finally got signed and to a team and agency that i believe are excellent for us. They’re talented, they’re savvy, they’re happy and they know what they’re doing. I have a career that needs a shake, shove and a glitter spray of *boom.* Keiran is beginning his road into entertainment. We’re both doing really well and we’re doing it at speed. Now, i feel like that we have the right help and i’m a tremendous believer in help. The more talented hard working heads you have on your side, all aiming for the same result, the better!

I mean, you can succeed to a certain point on your own, but to get that step further you really do need to have a team of people working alongside you who are great at what they do, know what to do and can bundle together that extra bit of expertise that i often call ‘magic’ to get  everyone to where they want to be in life. Doesn’t matter what business you’re in. A business is the same. Work with great minds and aggressive go getters and you will always do well. I believe in them, they believe in me. They love us both as individual talents and as a couple and we’re really thankful for their help. I mean poor Keiran has pounded the London pavement, knocking on every door possible in order to find the right fit. We spent time, money, effort and all sorts to try and move forward. Yet due to an random email, a ‘yes’ and us then travelling from Yorkshire to wait  in a corridor, with confidence, heart and our fingers crossed, on Edgeware Rd, last Wednesday morning, with a stream of other lovely hopefuls, we finally managed to do it. THANK GOD!

As long as you know you’re good a what you do and you have the heart to go our there and get it, you’ll be fine. But you have to put in the effort. We’re happy people and when you are happy, you are so much more whole than you realize. If we’ve done anything we’ve used our time wisely. I’ve always told Keiran this from the beginning and the importance of it. He never use to believe me at first, but now dolls, he does and simply because we now have a result from it.

Anyway, we’re going to enjoy our weekend. (He’s just woke up. I’m with Ruby watching weird telly Princess dancing.) Life is good. We have a busy next week. I’m filming and have a few meetings…a few London trips. We also have to both go into our new agency to discuss the path we’re gonna take career-wise. I’m resting over the weekend. I need rest now i’m an old bird. He’s working tomorrow. He’s actually going to be in Debenhams tomorrow in Leeds, promoting the new Lady Gaga fragrance, half naked and in leather pants. (So get down there girls for a piccie.) That’s TOMORROW.

I’m off for a cuppa, so happy Saturday darlings. I love you more than ever.


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