And the Drama Begins…


Day of DRAMA! Okay, i’ve been up since 6am, which is technically 5am, if we hadn’t played ‘forward’ with the system of time. I got up, i went straight to work, which was littered with paper work, resumes, organizing the old ‘life’ and pretty much learning the ropes in this old business of ‘show.’ We all know, i’m not a morning person, therefore i’m quite impressed with the fact that i managed to consume a great deal of alcohol last night, and still manage to leap up out of my sheets, with a smile on my face, a glint in my eye and ready to take on my work load. I’m getting busier, which is not leaving too much time for anything really. However, i’m loving it..because it’s everything i asked for. I was always a firm believer in the whole ‘becareful what you wish for’ dilly dally and let me tell you, dreams come true. Yet when they do…you kinda need to be ready for it. *Pulls up panties, adjusts bra, grabs rum, kisses dancing boy.*

I’ve been rather productive for a Lady of Leisure, the kitty cat of ‘ooh laa,’ and simply because i intended to. I’ve been soo happy and so content, that i kinda *paused* for a little to enjoy it…which i believe is healthy. I mean, i had a moment of ‘escape’ and to simply celebrate being just me, in a very NEW chapter. Everyone always thinks that i don’t really work hard. However, i think (and i’m not a good thinker, i believe it’s over-rated, i’m more of a ‘doer’) that i’m probably the hardest working person i know. Like i always say, i’m working when no-one realizes I am and no-one realizes I am, because i make it look easy. I do everything with a Wunna flair…a glamourous ‘ooh’ of *wiggle.* And i do it that way, because it’s the only way i know how. I find the fun in everything and because i need order to stay sane. (Even though i’m completely insane and proud.)

I spent a lot of time in an office today, going through my resume, my upcoming projects, calling all the right people, catching up with agents, organizing my jobs, my life and with a delicious *wink* and a ‘concentration face.’ I enjoy doing my ‘concentration face,’ it’s half frown and half confused. However, i don’t tend to it for too long, due to the affect it may have on my ageing process. Crows feet are not in my future. If all i have to do is refrain from the odd frown and live a laid back life of stress free ‘likey likey,’ then i will…and i’ll frickin’ do it with wine! (You may applaud here. Yes, i am that tragic. 🙂 ) I’m back in the game full force now and because eveything in my life has pretty much come together. I craved stability…a ‘something’ i couldn’t get on top of in London. (Yet i managed to get on top of everything else, *wink-pout*) I didn’t enjoy the ‘not having’ of it…so i changed it..which you CAN do my Pretties.

People are always terrified to change the things that they don’t like in their life. I’ve never known why, because it’s a trait i do not have? I may have got into a lot of trouble in life and made some hidieous decisions, that which kinda pushed me into the catergory of ‘Legend’ accidentally. But not only was i learning, and mistake making with the best arm candy it bags, booze or boys. But I was always ballsy enough to never play it safe, when i truely believed i needed to make a strong decision. I am a girl who will now never sell herself short, after doing so many times. Yet like i said, it’s the way i learnt, all about myself. I mean I watch people merely exist everyday and i don’t like it one bit. If you feel you are stuck in a rut…hold your head up high, smile and PULL yourself out of it. Look around and make sure you are doing exactly what you want to be doing!! If you’re not…then hopefully you’ll come across a little floozies blog, who will tell you that you’ve been given 100 years, all to yourself, to do whatever you so please with. The rest is on you. I want mine to be sexy. How do you want yours?

Okay, yesterday, i had a delicious lie in, a tamper in the garden, where i simply laid and sun bathed in my garden, in mildy deep thought. I hate my period because it makes me contemplative…which i find annoying. I had cocktails, (ofcourse) then I helped my friend stalk her ex-boyfriend. (Oh what a fine human being I am. I refrained from judging her, because she had ‘pain’ in her eyes, behind a fake smile. I had ‘bedroom‘ in my eyes, behind a fake ‘spice rack.‘) We commited to our adventure…however I got spotted randomly peeking around a bush, in polka dots. Never good, when stalking. The fun thing was the fact that she had the tremendous joy of actually having to watch him make out with another girl infront of her. (OUCHY.) I did laugh…yet not because i’m evil, but because i let her take a minute to actual realize what we were doing. (In a fucking bush, in polka dots…PEEKING, behind bins!!) Then for a good 5 minutes, that moment of ‘laughter’ was shared, when she looked at me with twigs in my hair. Then the crying began and the walking her home, in my arms, with wine. Oh the joys of love that we file under ‘ex’ that we still think about when we cannot seem to find the other half to our ‘whole.’ I think she just kinda regrets not loving him the way she should’ve. Learn from this. I have! Luckily for me… Cupid is cutting me some slack. The rest of my day began with a phonecall from ‘Loverboy’ and him picking me up in his car of blue and shirt of lemon.

We wanted to go to the park for a walk…and we did. It was really romantic, because it was one of those days where it’s 6pm, but looks like 1 o clock in the afternoon. Ducks, ponds, other peoples kites, and a brisk wind accompanied us on our walk n talk. Along with a mention of gravy, from his cook book for alcoholics. Infact, in good old Wunna fashion, i accused him for taking me on a walk, simply because he thought i needed to work out. Boys do this we me. One time, a guy, told me he was taking me to the Zoo…and it ended up being a HIKE!!! (Haha.) Bottomline ‘Loverboy’ was being his rather romantic self and i was pointing out the rather humourous fact that he’s now changed our dates into romantic ‘walking’ because he obviously believes my thighs are fat. I enjoy the Wunna logic. (Note: He does not think my thighs are fat.) I noticed that we both kinda have a decent sense of humour…except i joke about really inappropriate things, that you should never really joke about. And well he jokes A LOT… yet never about anything that he takes seriously…like Love, Me and well pretty much everything. lol. He’s cute. We got cold, and tottered back to the car for immediate warmth, as he claimed (mid- walk) that he needed to learn my ‘lingo’ in order to understand what i was rambling on about, half the time. (‘Omg, my chick friend is like sooo Oooh laa much!’)

We ended up at a local pub…had drinks…beer, vodka, cuddles, and a jolly old time indeed, indeed. Thank GOD he drinks!! We always sit in a corner away from we can have a bit of a talky talk and a baby feel up. We did the whole romantic talk, that i file under ‘Lovey McDovey.’ Then he said something really important to me, which was, ‘..since i’ve met you, you’ve kinda inspired me to live. Like you’ve made me realize that i can actually do the things, that i’ve always wanted to. You’ve come into my life and tinted it a whole shade of pink…like whole shade of Wunna.’ Therefore it’s like i’ve made him realize what life is about and how amazing it is. I feel like a guardian angel that goes from being to being, given them wine..and then ofcourse CONFIDENCE…with love. I mean, a lot of people think it’s amazing that i moved to Hollywood as a kid, all on my own, to pursue a ‘dream come true.’ Yet all i did that was different to everyone else was actually think it and then DO it. Most people stop at the ‘thinking’ part. That’s not how any dream comes true. I had a great night. ‘Loverboy’ is amazing. Any boy that actually considers maybe wanting to commit to a ‘happy ever after with me AND with babies’ deserves trophies…and not just an itchy crotch.

ANYWAY, ofcourse in Wunnaland…everything GREAT gets ruined by busy bodies and today has been littered with BOY drama. Any boy, every boy, that might currently love me, like me, hate me, whatever me. Has decided to complicate my ‘happy ever after’ due to bitter selfishness. Boys i’ve dated never want to see me happy. It’s like i can never run away from my past of tragic game we tend to play when we’re young called the  ‘little black book.‘ I’ve felt awful and all overwhelmed. I had cigarette, a walk, a *breathe* and a little weep. (I am a Princess..i do weep quite dramatically. lol) I just have a lot of ‘eww much drama drama’ a lot of trouble going on behind the scenes in my love life…away from my ‘Happy place,’ which makes me feel negative. I feel as though i will forever have to tend to it, because it seems to follow me everywhere. I’m really upset at the spitefullness and moodiness of certain boys, who do not think that they’re tiny actions make a HUGE difference to my LIFE. They will purposely attempt to make my walls crumble in on me.. turn my ‘perfect’, into an emotionally chaotic ‘Pollock’…not realizing the ‘clean up’ their mess takes. I’m currently being emotionaly black mailed by a boy. Fun right! *sad face*. I’m fine though, i have the help of heros, and the support of a jolly good bra. I’m gonna need ya.

Y’know, I guess, what people do not realize about me, is that i actually HATE drama. I hate it. I do not court it…i enjoy a Glamourous ooze of peace. I do however have a cloud of it misting over me at all times. (*Downs shot-Grabs fur*)  I especially do not enjoy ‘drama’ from boys…I find it girly, bitter and negative….However, like i Tweeted to a Darling of the name @EddClay earlier, due to me adoring him far too much…I do actually prefer the word ‘Queen’ in that little phrase of ‘ooh laa,‘ where two words are combined. And luckily after numerous ‘make me smile’ messages, from ALL you Kittens…You have actually become a BIG part of my existance!!  The Queen in me has marched her way forward and the ‘drama’ is now so *hair toss.* (Due to rum. 🙂 ) I feel great again!  *strut-beckon-bring it.* You can’t keep a good Kitty Down and especially not in these heels. I love being Chrissie Wunna, but darlings strap in…now it gets ‘rollercoaster.‘ Luckily it’ s a ride i do well….and with a fucking martini. 😉

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