And Keiran’s in More Magazine OUT NOW!


Okay my dandy licks of life! Now, you know how i enjoy to keep the ‘ooh laa’ all within the ‘family,’ hoping to one day build an empire, kinda ‘Kardashian’ style, but with a *wink* and a *Wunna* celebrating the globe. Well, today we found that my very handsome hubby to be ‘Keiran Thompson’ is actually in this weeks edition of MORE MAGAZINE.

We were both in it earlier this year, however Keiran is strutting solo in this current issue, with his ‘My Dating Life’ column. (I likey!)

I’m super proud of him, so i hope that you adore him too! Grab your copy and show my little hero some support. (It has actually been out since Tuesday, but we only realized today whilst supermarket shopping for pasta!)

Life is wonderful in our little bubble right now (even though he told my bum it was wobbly, then giggled at it like it had a life of it’s own. 🙂 IF MY BUM wants to WOBBLE it WILL! It can still wiggle better than most, even if it is 31 years of age. I mean it’s attached to ‘Chrissie Wunna’ for crying out loud. I’m surprised that it can ONLY wobble. If you look close enough, i bet it can swear, drink and juggle too! 😉 )

Anyway, i’m in love, we’re in love and it’s exciting seeing him in More Magazine AGAIN! I do however have to go, as he seems to find placing his bare willy upon my laptop screen humorous mid-blog. I ADORE HIM. I mean anytime a gentleman can hold my attention, only to deliver a GIANT *trump*…which actually made us both laugh, means we’re the perfect couple!


 Thank you for following my life. x





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