And as life gets hectic…

Afternoony, My Kittens of sasserilla! My life has got a bit bustley…in good ways and bad ways, and well if you add wine to that, high heels, a career and a boy…then you have m’ m’  magic,’…which i am choosing to label as ‘stress.‘  Woohoo!!  To be honest, i’m not really stressed, im actually really lucky. Yet having to juggly, McJuggle everything all at once…a work life, a home life, a love life and my own being of drunken insanity…means i’m a busy girl…a lot busier than anyone would imagine. AND i even have people who do things for Me. I never knew being a ‘Lady of Leisure’ could be so time consuming. The work is strutting in…which means the moola moola is to! Oh and just so you know, i hate juggling. I think being able to throw 3 or more things in the air and catch them in different hands is pointless…at least beable to do it wasted, in underwear, on fire and with midgets. I said entertain me, not catalyse my room spin.

For some reason, i’m weird and I’m never one to let anyone in my real life, know how busy I am, because i’m oddly quite good at keeping myself to myself, marching deliciously forward with my head down, doing it with a *wiggle and a giggle* and catergorizing people, things and situations in differnt boxes of ‘ooh laa.‘ I don’t mix anything, work, play, boys or family (unless, two boys are in the same family.) I only really mix drinks…and i do that rather well. I’m like an unbeatable force of drunken ‘oooh laaa.‘ Infact, (and here’s a dollop of egomania for you).. I actually believe that even work wise right now, i’m a secret unbeatable force. There really is no way anyone can stop me, at this stage. The Wunnaship has taken off.

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