So, I needed wine tonight. I needed it. It’s sort of a really different feeling to wanting it. Needing something is far more hefty. I mean, I don’t know if there’s just something in the air, or if everyone’s tired, coming on their periods soon or simply panicked..but there’s been a swirl of ‘stress’ in the atmosphere today, and one that we all just put down to ‘one of those days.’

Right, i’ve got a lot on my plate at the minute. I’m being social, i’m working hard, i’m single mummying it, i’m organizing lash line stuff, i’m booking holidays and trying to fit meetings, day job, friends and all sorts all into one big glizty bag of perfect.

I can do it, because i always do it. Yet, right now, it just seems like i’m quite busy and quite tired and when you’re quite busy and quite tired everyone wants to hang out. Lol. Sods law.! When i have nothing to do, everyone’s booked out, broke or can’t be arse. HAHA! That’s how i ended up in London all the time…to find fun, when everyone in Ponty were being ‘snooze festivals.’ Wait? No. I take that back. I initially went to watch hot naked dancing boys. The ‘bored with Ponty’ London trips came later.

Anyway, I’ve got so much on and handling it with a wiggle, wink and smile. I don’t actually feel stressed, I can just feel it all around me. I think i’m tired because i’ve worked so much over the last 2 weeks, that I need a blow out. Luckily, tomorrow, I have my ‘bitch’ night with Katty at Giraffe’s Burgers and Cocktails at Xscape, followed by drinking with Rich and Ben in Ponty. Katty and I have been trying to have a ‘bitch’ night for ages. Yet i was either always on a date, or she was poorly.

Tomorrow night we eat and do cocktails and after the work week i’ve had I CAN’T WAIT. However, these evening are always bad as i end up going too far with the ‘fun’ and..well it all ends in a sick and a sad face. 🙂

The good thing is that i think i’ve had a payday. We’ve all been too busy to notice or care. Tomorrow is also ‘Ponytail’ Friday, which means things can’t even go wrong one bit, as i’ll be rocking and whipping the finest ‘pony’ in all the land. Plus, as soon as it even nearly hit’s five o clock, i will be rushing straight out that door for some FREE time, to just kick back, get changed, do drinks and enjoy LIFE! AAH LIFE!

On the news from….Ben and I went on a ‘date.’ We did a casual ‘get to know one another’ date, that actually went really well. We get on well enough anyway and we’re lucky int he fact that we don’t know each other too well, for it to be to ‘friend zoney.’

He’s managed to conjour himself up to leaping out the ‘friend zone’ quite fast, to say he’s going slow. But we had fun. It was funny. The banter was good and well…I think he just needs a ‘green light.’ He’s been very honest about pretty much everything

But yeah, a lot happened. We’ve finally smooched…etc, etc……and we finally took it into ‘see what happens next’ zone…because to be honest anything can happen, can’t it? It’s still early doors…and well at this point i observe the boy to see how bothered he is at moving things forward. We’ll see…I’m pretty steady and open minded for a girl…so in my book whatever will be will be. When you’re a glamour puss, it’s up to the boy to make sure you know that he’s interested.

Right, i’m gonna finish off my wine and head to bed. The babies are asleep, i’m always HAPPY when we head into Friday. I only have one whole day to work and then it’s finally time for FUN.


Gay ‘I’ve just run the London Marathon’ Ada, has been texting me all night. We had our usual. ‘You’re a whore/You’re a cunt’ banter. I miss him. I’m definitely headed down to London in May to go drink with him. I’ve literally TRIPLE BOOKED EVERYTHING! I have social friendlies all over the place that i’m meant to be going to but just can’t fit in. SHIT!!!

Right, now i’ve sorted ‘Bitch’ night with Katty, so we’ll be at Burgers and Cocktails at 8pm Xscape. But then I have to sort out cocktails with Hayley for Saturday, because i’ve managed to triple book that also, with scheduled work and child care issues. Yippppe. I’ll sort it.




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