Almost didn’t chill..


Well done ME, as I have JUST edged away from the panic button and when I figured that I might as well go ahead and *whop* it one in fear (You only hit ‘panic buttons’ when you’re in fear. You only surrender to bad habits when you’re in fear. You only shy away from something, when you actually fear it. But yes…no bad habits, other than me being a basic worrier. I worry about EVERYTHING. In the end my confidence bursts through like the beam of hectic, glowing light and showers over the world with madness. yet it takes it’s fucking time. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s a lot of worrying before that explosion of ‘ooh laa.’ BUT ‘hurrah’ for ME! Due to having a wonderful Mother and a great other to guide me…I stepped away from the usual and very typical stress of hitting ‘panic’ and instead calmed my sorry arse down and breathed with a smile. In life, sometimes you just have to let the natural flow take it’s course. Being impatient or worrying about stuff makes everything worse. Panicking makes you careless. Carelessness…makes you have to wear the idiot arrow on top of your head for a while. Today I didn’t panic and because there was nothing more I could conjour up and bizarrely enough, after I made the executive decision to refrain from panicking and actually surrendered to peace, i felt MUCH BETTER. I’m feeling GREAT NOW. It’s chucking it down outside and although i’ve been out and about all day, I’m snuggly warm INSIDE and away from the wet storms of Monday. Panicking even wore me out. I feel 100 times more awake now than I did about an hour ago. Roll on ‘Real Housewives..’ (my most favourite show ever) and well i think we have ‘happy.’ Yahooooo!)

Everything in life is a discipline. Today I didn’t worry. I didn’t panic. I just remained calm, shrugged it off and chilled….and simply because there was no more that could be done. ๐Ÿ™‚

My phone’s going tits up. It’s always temperamental and decides to go on the blink whenever it feels. Today it’s decided to get warm and produce the word ‘goodbye’ at me, on the screen..all frozen…and delightful. I hate my disobedient phone. It narks about, whenever it wants and today it’s playing up. I couldn’t even receive calls at one point because it couldn’t be arse. It just wanted to wish me ‘goodbye.’ Maybe it has suicidal tendencies. Maybe it needs therapy. Maybe I NEED A FASTER APPROACHING UPGRADE. I’ve had a cracked screen for about a year now and because I was too tight to fix it and initially too stupid to get insurance. Plus, the phone set up guy was hitting on me and putting me off ‘ i want insurance’ banter.

So anyway, incase my phone decides to conk out on me and i don’t get to flurry out mindless Tweets from my finger tips, whilst mobile, i do want to say a big thank you to you all for loving my new pictures. They’ve had a really great response and well Tony Hazel, who shot them is such a talent. I mean, who’d a thought all that kitten-esque glamour pussing, could happen in a perfectly lit CELLAR in Keighley. But it did and well, great work by both. We’re a team!

Oh and i’m glad that you all haven’t forgotten that I’m sexy. Lots of you have applauded with a ‘she’s back’ smile. Some of you have nodded with approval, at my more grown up take on ‘being glamourous.’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some have just loved. The others have been shocked that i had new pictures. You’re sick of seeing me in a barn, or regurgitating ‘same old.’ I was even sick of it. I told Tony that and sort of explained what I wanted and then *bam* it worked. ย I love the new look, the new me and the new lash line.

I will say however, that I did find it weird that some people were SHOCKED that i’m an alright bit of kitten for a photographer. I can actually have my picture taken. Lol. I did actually used to do it for a living for ages. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m good in front of a camera. Yet liek with anyone in any current or ‘used to be’ profession…if you meet a joiner, he can probably put you a shelf up. If you know an electrician, he can usually fix ya busted light bulb. If you know a lawyer, they’ve probably been in a courtroom a hundred times. I used to be a model. I can take a good picture..even at the worst of times. ๐Ÿ™‚ #poser ‘loser #illshutupnow All i’m saying is that it shouldn’t be that much of a shock. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can kitten this shit UP!

Anyway, as of tomorrow my ‘days of offage’ are OVER and I will be buckling up for a long week of A LOT of work..all the way through until probably about 6pm Friday. That’s why I figured I’d deliver another blog to just keep things jolly, as I might be a bit too busy to have a sit down and type. Especially because I’ll be coming finishing work, nursery running it and then adoring my two babies during the evenings. There might not be much time for banter.

However, YES thank you for everything and all that jeepers! The question i am currently getting asked al ot in my Wunna mail has diverted away from my love life and is currently about either the eyelash line (‘when’s it coming out?’) OR, weirdly asking me if I would ever have another baby in the future.

The answer to that is YES! My favourite thing in this entire world is BEING A MUM. It is my absolute happy place. I spend EVERY EVENING with my children and they take up my heart, my life and my world. They’re my besties and because nothing is more important to me than them. I’ve been raised well. Hence why I’m so close to my own parents. Who are also so close to both babies. So yes, definitely, I love being ‘Mummy.’ YET, right now i’m happy with two and couldn’t really cater enough time that a baby deserves to have another. However, in the future ABSOLUTELY! I know my priorities. I always have and I know what matters to me in life.

Plus, believe it or not, I actually am quite traditional in my thoughts of baby making. Lol. So, until right gent, stability, perfect finances, surroundings and everything in between is correct, then there will be no babies until then. The last time I had babies, i didn’t expect to be walked out on. I expected the man to be honourable and decent. Circumstance made life for the babies the way it is, however it goes against what I believe morally. Yet, i’m loving them and therefore all is more than perfect!

Right now lash line needs to work. Day job…i’m loving. I have enough on…so lets concentrate and adoring new Kitten-esque Wunna!

Today I looked at what the top searches were for people finding their way to my site. This is what it read:

‘Top Searches

chrissie wunna,ย  michael raymond-james married,ย  sexy blonde with fripples,ย  prickly dildo,ย  is michael raymond james married’

๐Ÿ™‚ Says it all!

If ya glum. Snap out of it! I’m lucky. I’m happy. My phone is shit. But life is great!

Let’s all eat noodles and wink!

Have a great week! x

Ps/ Don’t fret about anything. Sometimes you just have to let life take it’s natural course. Hitting ‘panic’ doesn’t help, it just makes you cry, eat more, have too many wines and gives you wrinkles.

Word of the day: Relax.




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