All in kitten heels…


Y’know, sometimes in life, you just kinda get that funny feeling, a kinda feeling that buzzes an odd warmth through your system…a feeling that makes you smile with your eyes, when no one is looking..a feeling that radiates so strongly inside you that tells you that something amazing is about to happen. It’s sort of all related to your gut instinct, something that i wish MORE people would rely on, as my gut instinct is the strongest gut instinct in the world. Every time, whether i go with it or not…it is always ‘bang on.’ Right now…i have that feeling and i couldn’t be happier with life.

But yeah, with everything going right and all that jazz hands…let me rewind. TODAY, i decided to take on Junior, with Christmas, with shopping, without him being strapped into a buggy and without the smart security of  kiddie reins. HOLY SHIT!!! I mean, i am never one to rush, fast totter or glow with intensity after darting from wall to wall….so having to race about in leopard print, kitten heels, after my OWN loin fruit..a product of my OWN vagina…was nothing short of exhausting…even though it was hilarious.

He loved it. I laughed, but chased. Yet, all i can say is  fuck the gadget shop and there amazing selling techniques. Just as i had almost got the ‘racing after my hell on legs son’ situation balanced, in the EXACT WRONG SPOT…..some teenage ‘weekend jobber’ boy started remote controlling some Army truck around a wall, as another dear boy flew some space age, flying bug thing… WITH LIGHTS ON IT, around the skies. DAMN YOU…

My feet throbbed…my son’s eyes relighted with the fondest, most excited buzz of utter glee…and well , there you have it…as Junior chased towards the madness, like the happiest baby in ALL THE LAND…we went ‘back to one’ and the rushing, darting, chasing, sweat on, Mummyhood ‘hone in my child’ game began again!! IN HEELS. LEOPARD PRINT ONES! by fucking fairy lights and odd people, who didn’t have over excited children. 🙂 I think i might even have bunions now. Lol

On the positive, the awesome thing is that he couldn’t be happier and well nothing is more rewarding at Christmas that having little ones, who adore every dying minute of the festive season. I’m lucky. Soooo lucky…and i know it!!

The wonderful thing about Junior was that he didn’t get to see his sister today until later on and even though he was now home and completely exhausted, he deliberately fought his sleep and WAITED UP, until she arrived home. Once she did, he loved her and the played..and ONLY THEN (after Ruby had decided she was going to bed lol…less attached…just like Mama) he let himself finally settle and rest his tired eyes for bed! I love that quality in him. I mean, Ruby’s very loving, kinda nd protective towards her brother…but she certainly has a heavier independent streak in her…she is definitely the leader of the pack.

Right, I’m busy. I have a full week of work, a soon as my alarm goes off at 7am…which is actually a lay in for me. I love work,s o i’m bothered by it. I’m happy to be so lucky. BUT I ALSO NOW have ONE WEEK to sort out my eyelash line, so it can be on sale….as soon as the week is over! JEEPERS!!! I am better during these pressure points. I work well under pressure. I toss the rest f it off…until ‘crunch’ time. Then i shit myself, work hard and weirdly get results.

I’m doing wine now so whatever.

Roll on 7am!

Kittens…let’s do this!



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