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Just went on a jog! (Just kidding. I’m not good at running, be it slow or fast, but great in the outfits.)

It’s NATIONAL WINE DRINKING DAY! Honestly, it is! Now, I’m never one for ‘days,’ but this evening, if you do anything, drink wine. It’s an excuse to make like ‘Bacchus’ and be merry about stronger than normal grape juice. So, if you’re at work, buy a bottle on your way out. If you’re not and you don’t have any responsibilities for the day, start at noon. Hurrah!

I’m feeling great today. Fresh as a daisy. I’ve been really productive already. I’m working hard at home. I’m organizing life and catching up on my correspondents.

Last night was WONDERFUL. Ruby and i chilled together and committed to ‘girl time.’ Her favourite time. We relaxed, went to bed early and got up at the crack of dawn to breakfast before school with one another. (It’s those moments that she loves, as she usually never gets the time to have them with me, as I’m always rushing off to work.)

Life is good. It’s cold but the sun is out. I’m eating lots of crap though. Ugh! Never good. Y’know, when your body is just screaming out for something fresher and i’m by nature a fresh eater….Well that’s the current stage that I’m fancying. (I had coffee and prawns for breakfast, which is odd. But my Mum strolled by this morning because she felt sorry for me having to have caviar and crisps yesterday for lunch. Lol.)

We all need light. Light therapy is good. So, even though it’s chilly, i’ve whopped on the heat and i’m letting the sun blaze through my windows, to smear a smile on my face and make my soul feel alive.

I’m enjoying my holiday. My Mum has my car again. I’m away on Saturday for the day, so now I feel as though my last few days of being off work will fly by.

On the whole i’m happy and why wouldn’t I be…




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