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Morning my delicious glamour pusses of love festival! How are you? I sort of had a really great day of ‘busy’ yesterday. I actually only had one ‘out of the home’ meeting…yet it too a good amount of GREAT TIME. When things take a bit more time than expected, yet that time is pretty good and well spent…(you’re having a laugh, you’re at ease, you’re enjoying the process) then I class that as ‘Great’ time. All other times when you’re forced to listen and nod and smile is rubbish. Yesterday was not rubbish it was ace, as I step into a new chapter and celebrate being MOI! I’m about ot work hard, really hard, because if I want everything that I do want in life, and fair enough i’m in a better position than most and I have a lot of help..than I’ve got to work hard for it and do everything I can for both my own self satisfaction, so I can do the whole ‘I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR,’ and for the babies. Having two is amazing, yet you have to work hard to sustain a certain lifestyle. I want my beauty (lash) lien to work, I’m very privileged to be able to launch it. I ‘m looking forward to pitching for investors, yet in the meantime, I need extra income to prove to MYSELF that ‘m not fricking lazy. Sometimes I get all, ‘this is what i want’ yet I kitten slack off. My parents have worked their arses off to give my brother and I and my babies the life that we grew up in. I feel (although i’ve achieved lots…the Hollywood thing, the telly thing…the baby thing..) I feel like I’m letting the side down. I feel like i’m sat on my arse doing nothing and in those times if you can be pulling in extra dough..you should be. Like today for instance, both babies are nursery bound. I’m at home watching ‘Real Housewives..’ and sending emails off to China for the correct lash styles. That’s not enough ‘weight pulling.’ I mean my Mum moved to England when she was 29 having never even seen a tv in her life…She came her on her won…with only ยฃ17 to her name. She ended up being a Doctor..then the boss of her department..then sending both her babies through private education and giving them a life that they regarded as normal. My Dad did the same, but was in England earlier, before he met my Mum (They are soul mates.) He too, ended up being a Doctor, yet even when he was a Junior Doctor, on a decent, but ย ‘not what he wanted money wise’ wage..’he took an extra job as a GLASS COLLECTOR IN A BAR…WHEN HE WAS A DOCTOR…and because my mum had just had a baby girl that they decided to name ‘Christina.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

And well…here I am curling my hair, pouting in mirrors, doing my beauty line…not being a Doctor…lol..doing little bit of telly here…telling past stories of Hollywood. (When you talk about the past a lot it’s because you’re currently not achieving in that area in your present.) That’s not right! I feel lazy. I’m lucky for everything that I have, but now Wunna land is gonna get to work. I’m not being the ‘let down’ child, when i have so much going for me. I can have ย a beauty line and work hard elsewhere…until my brand makes it. It’ll set the example for Ruby, who now thinks she’s probably ‘too pretty to work.’ NOT GOOD. She doesn’t even want to go to nursery because it’s harder work than being with Mum at home. (And because she just loves Mama.) Yesterday and because my meeting took longer than I told her, she said, ‘Mum, can Grandma go on your meetings, because I love being at home with you.’ Aww! Points scored. Yet, work ethic fail. ๐Ÿ™‚ As women we just love to be appreciated, cherished, loved and wanted, don’t we. Men forget that…it’s a really simple process. You want a girl to love you forever, make her feel appreciated, cherished, loved, respected and wanted and you’ll have the best wife ever. As soon as you’re a pig…we hate you, because we were read ‘fairytales’ when we were younger…whilst you lot were climbing trees. It’s not that hard a concept.

But YES, life is great right now. All is going well. New house soon. New work, new eyelash line…loving it. Fresh. Feeling powerful. Y’see, good things do only happen to good people. I’m currently (and because life loves me) being able to ride the ‘i told you so’ wave and gloat which makes me super happy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You shouldn’t really gloat, but when everything you said was right and everything you did was proven to be correct…all you can do is ‘chin-chin’ to that drink and politely SMIRK. ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOVE THESE MOMENTS. Doing dinner and drinks with friends this evening also…can’t wait…it feels fun and well i’m pulling myself together to look DIVINE.

I currently have a friend texting me non -stop, which I don’t mind because her partner decided to have a jolly bunch of affairs on her behind her back. She needs Wunna ears. He didn’t even have the decency to tell her. In fact he accused her of it all the time! She found out. Made him look stupid really. If anyone is constantly calling you a cheat or a liar, or an unfit this or an incapable that…it’s usually because internally, it’s usually what they are! Yet everyone knows that, so really we’ll class it all as a quick reminder. The memo. I feel for all chicks going through love life drama as it’s not fair on us really. But do know it’s because men are a lot more insecure than women. They’re raised that way, right from the playground…and well the more insecure they are..the more problems you’ll have with them during your relationship. The ones that were raised by women, or around good role models…are usually more respectful to women..i think? I hate bad manners and it cane really turn me off a man. Chivalry is NEVER DEAD in my eyes. If they have bad manners, be it the way they speak to me, or the way they act towards me..then I immediately find them unattractive and simply because I was raised by the most polite gent ever (my daddy) and all the boys i went to school with (cos it was posh) were all really really respectful and well mannered when it came to girls.

Anyway…i’m having to have a big organize for the ‘hopefully’ new house…and get bundles of washing done as my children seem to puke or heavy poo on their sleep space every night! It’s clean sheet night, EVERY NIGHT in our house and it’s TEDIOUS, i tells ya! I’m like the old wicked washer woman,who lives in some dark boiler room.. that is situated in HELL. Lol. It’s like i’m tumble drying, reading ‘he cheated on me texts, emailing China for eyelashes, whilst having homes to view pop up in my email. Random, but life..and all good. Event he moan texts are good. I’m a decent friend…i’ll listen to you moan on forever, whilst laughing and making the next round of baby bottle in heels and a glammy updo.

Other than all that, a man came over yesterday, whilst I was out at my meeting to photograph the house…and he couldn’t doing it because my Dad, Grandpa Wunna was home, watching Ruby. It must have been mayhem. Lol. Plus, it’s always odd to have a little Asian man sleeping on the sofa, under a zebra print blanket, whilst you have to roam around in the name of commercial creativity. Hilarious though. My folks rock. (As soon as I got home, Ruby MADE ME make her giant soft toys out of thick fluffy pipe cleaners. Others went home to a vino, or sanity. I went home to DIY pipe cleaner bugs. Yet Rubes doesn’t like someone else be better at something than she is. She thinks she’s 14. So every time I did something right…she’d tell me that I’d done it wrong…isn’t that abusive? lol)

Beautiful morning! Spring is here! I’m tired of hearing you all ramble on about ‘One Born Every Minute…’ ย I don’t think ANY MUM, who has actually BEEN THROUGH CHILD BIRTH, finds ‘One Born’ cute in the slightest. All it does is remind you of the worse pain you ever went through before you got the prize. The handing over the baby bit is the good bit. The ONLY GOOD BIT. ๐Ÿ™‚ The 9 months is hard. The labour is worse…and let me tell you…’One Born’ sort of makes it look ‘not as ouchy’ and more sort of poetic…as what it’s really like is far less lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚ But the prize, which is baby, is great for all women…as it’s a long struggle the whole 9 months. Then you have the night feeds and the grumpy men to deal with. Life and birth is wonderful. Going through it…HURTS. As soon as it comes on, I switch over. It’s like you only watch ‘Don’t tell the bride’ if you’re about to get married, I guess, because you’re excited about the wedding. Not realizing that there’s a whole married life to tackle with your man of choice afterward. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m actually going on a run today. Crazy innit, how life changes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you lots…welcome to my world x











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