Afternoony, my little treats of ‘ooh-aah’ cowgirl

The sun is out. I’m over the moon. I’ve just spent the most marvellous days with the
absolute man of my dreams and i’m looking at life with a wink, knowing
that it’s completely got my back. Infact, now i think about it, ‘life’
has always had my back. I have no idea why, other than the fact that i
obviously flirt with it, for a mild bit of attention…however, i know
that if you choose to love it, live it and give it all you’ve got, it
kinda passes you a cocktail and plays with you. I’m a lucky girl, with a
wonderful life and in July 2012, i finally have everything the way i
want it.

Anyway, the last time i checked in, Keiran was working away and ‘The
Wunna’s,’ Baby Ruby and I were tottering over to Lanchashire, to the
wedding of a beautiful friend of mine, (our Dads are best friends, so we
pretty much grew up and played together, along with her sister Gemma, as
kids.) I checked into the most gorgeous hotel, with a wine in my hand
and my little bundle of glitzy Rubes in the other, and entered the most
delicious suite ever…courteousy of my mummy. (Thank you mum.) Keiran
was meant to also be joining us, however his schedule is almost
borderline insanity right now, so on this occasion, he had to sadly miss

All i can say is, WHAT A WEDDING! BEAUTIFUL! I mean, nothing is more
romantic and more calming…infact overwhleming is the correct word,
than watching a wedding, when you’re ABOUT to get married in 5 weeks. Oh
my gosh! The moment Nicola strutted up that isle, with my lovely Uncle
Douglas, (even though Rubes decided to scream with excitement just
before the vows…Ruby was delighted with the hotel, however
unfortunately believed the entire hotel was her NEW HOME! I really am
raising a literal ‘Diva.’ Keiran and i will have to work really hard to
get her a gzillion roomed mansion, with staff, simply to make her do
that *wiggly* dance, that she can’t help but do, when she finds herself
thud landing in luxury.) But yeah, anyway…we’ll get that..our dream
home will be amazing. We’re lucky. However, i filled up with utter
‘awww’..all teary and secretly smiley, as Nicola perfromed her vows. It
was so pure and so loving and well all i could think about in that
moment, other than the fact that it was so beautiful, was walking up the
isle in 5 weeks time, in a dress fit for a Princess, to marry and say my
vows to the most amazing man in this entire world. The nearer the day is
creeping up, the more excited we’re getting. We can’t wait. I swear on
my life, this man is my ultimate perfect and i truely am the luckiest
girl in the world to have him. Ruby…delicious. Certainly a girl who has
the same kitten like loves, that include a bit of luxury. She passed out
on our giant bed, next to me… still in her party dress, with her
sequinned headband glued onto her ‘drunk on milk’ face. All i could do
was kiss her and adore her…until se decided to trash the entire room,
with rockstar antics, via the fine art of pulling a beautiful stream of
‘attached’ to the wall toilet roll all the way around the room, before
IRONING everything in the suite to ‘Rasta Mouse.’

There was a moment in the wedding, when i had found myself stood in the
corner of a cocktail hour, with a wine in my hand, looking around me at
all the wonderful love occuring, where i wholeheartedly MISSED Keiran. I
missed him so much, to the point where, i looked over at my mum, asked
her to watch Ruby for a seconds as i ‘needed to make a phonecall.’ In
that EXACT moment that i scrolled, clicked and called my hubby-to-be, he
picked up the call after almost HALF a ring, with an ‘OMG BABY!! I WAS
those moments that make everything complete, when Cupid decides to
remind you how connected you are to a being. In the same moment, as i
corner missed him at a cocktail hour. On the otherside of the country,
in a field, he flet the exact same way. We talked and we told me how
much he loved me, and how wonderul our life is going to be with each
other. He sent me a text reading, _’You are my everything and my heart
really does ache for you. We are going to have an amazing life together.
i love you with all of my heart and with every inch of my body.’ _
I am honestly the luckiest girl ALIVE. I am about to marry the most
perfect man that this world could’ve ever delivered to Wunna Land. I
mean, who gets a man, who ends up being their ultimate dream, who texts
her the way he does. All i’m gonna say is, bring on 5 weeks. I can’t
wait to be his wife!!! WOOHOO!

Okay, so Keiran’s now back to ‘working away.’ (He left this morning, all
glum and with the flu.) He returned for a a couple days and although
exhausted, ejoyed his time with me lovingly and whole heartedly. Sex was
great. Love was great and i’m really glad that he’s growing everyday
into this amazing man. He’s making strong decisions, doing them
fearlessy and making the RIGHT decisions. He’s taking the wedding really
seriously and he’s started to ‘glow’ with an innocent excitment, that is
not only contagious but utterly romantic. I’m extremely turned on by him
right now. However, there really is no rest for the wicked…yesterday
we ended up having to travel up to Manchester for an audition. I can’t
tell you anything about it, but i will tell you it was at the Radisson,
on Peters Street, for ITV and well i have never ever been more impressed
and found Keiran more sexy than i do now. I’ve always loved Keiran
unconditionally..and he loves that about me…along with my feist. And
i’ve always FANCIED Keiran, with every little wink of my tiny little
wiggle. But yesterday, he totally upped his game and if i fancied him
anymore i’d literally EXPLODE. What a sexy man! Again…lucky. We did
well.. but like i said, with these things, you just never ever know…We
have done soooo much in the 11 months that we’ve known each other, it’s
almost unbelievable. We’ve loved, got engaged, learnt life, done
interviews, filmed, shot for magazines, auditioned, journied, catwalked
and become a family. We’re really blessed for a little west yorkshire
couple…and well something tells me, we’re gonna do well…and my gut
instinct is uncannily fabulous. (Ofcourse ) He has always said, that
he has learnt more in the last 11 months about life, love and the world,
than he has in his entire lifetime, from being with me. We’re living a
fairytale and it really is never ever going to end. I LOVE IT.

We’re keeping ourselves, to oursleves and not letting anyone interfere.
(Can you believe that one of the randoms in his bunch of friends,
literally forwarded all the messages she and i had text each other to
him, like a crazy lunatic of a stalk-fest. Get over it. He’s not going
to save your sorry arse. Especially not over mine darling.
*Wiggle-wink.* It’s weird that she would think he would?) When Keiran
and i are in our bubble, we are unbreakable. What no-one else sees is
how busy our actual real life is. (He’s exhausted, but still the most
loving man ever with me.) We’re both go-getters, so when some people are
sat down catching up on their favourite soaps, we’re having to hold
hands, brace the world, schedule, film, interview, audition and get
those fine earned pences a flowing, via gifted opportunity and hope. I
mean, we have the most intense moments of ‘deep hearted’ talk (we did
last night, when talking business) and that time is embraced by giggly
‘cuddly love.’ However, i did totter into the living room last night,
with my doughie eyes and a puzzled face, after finding myself fixing up
baby bottles, loading in a bunch of tumble drying, making him a lasagne
and slamming a wine, with a ‘what else can i do for you baby?’ And with
a question mark above my head, under the chandelier, i asked him, ‘Am i
a housewife????’ I’ve gone from model extra-ordinaire, to Queen of
tumble drying. Lol. Luckily, i’ve managed to root a bit of a career to
scramble up some pences. I’m a girl that can quite easily and gladly pay
my way, even if he doesn’t need me too. I have my book on it’s way to
you.. (i’ve out back the launch, due to the maddness of wedding
planning…you can’t do too many things at once..well i can’t
anyhow…i’m rubbish under pressure now i’m old.) I’m filming and i’m
really excited with everything that i have going on. We’re wanting a
‘family business’ and i certainly fancy myself as a bit of a Kris

5 weeks and we’re getting married. If only you could actually ‘feel’ the
energy in Wunna Land right now. We are so happy and filled to the brim
with ‘ooh laa laaa.’ We’ve almost sorted our guestlists. We’ve decided
on keeping our ceremony for family and friends, who have always been
good to the both of us..they deserve to be present on the day and to
bless us on our way to marital bliss. Then the evening is all about the
utter celebration of me become his lil’ Mrs. Thompson.

The wedding is at Oulton Hall, Leeds. We have spas, a wedding theme of
white, baby pink and diamonds.We’ve picked our 5 * menu. My invitations
are about to go out. We have many a surprise for our guests and we can’t
wait to enjoy every moment of our big day with all of you. I still have
a great deal to organize. I’m quite under pressure now. Luckily Keiran’s
now taking the 2 weeks before the wedding off. Making it all much
lovelier. (He made our favour boxes the day before yesterday and did it
like a pro….shirtless.) We honestly have a jam packed schedule and no
time for anything but work, each other and the wedding.

Life, as always, is really really great right now. I’m madly in love,
have all sorts of work lined up…i have the cutest little girl and
family..we ARE a family and well i couolnd’t ask for anything more…but
a gin.

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