Abuse for lunch, with a side of sarcasm

How many more times can i get called a cunt, a loser, a shithead and a slag today? Infact, and even worse a lesbian?? A fucking lesbo, i’ve been called one almost 14 times and we’re only 20 minutes into the drinking hour. How dare they!!! Makes my slaggy, ‘put it anywhere’ slut, reputation, that i’ve worked really hard to uphold over the years, fucking worthless!! I didn’t do all that for no reason. I’m carrying a cocktail of std’s!! Some call them ‘diseases,’ i call them ‘Trophies’ bitches!! I’m meant to be a man eater, not a fanny snacker. I eat MEN…and women when i’m drunk. Don’t get it twisted! Mmmmkay! (Hair toss, hair toss, licks her penis lollipop!)

I have burlesque class tonight in Leeds again. I’m a bit fluey, but ah well, i’m sure gyrating will make it go away and sneezing on the other girls.I could’ve been getting wasted with ‘Ciara’ tonight in London…but instead i’ll be in Yorkshire caressing my body in steps. I intend to do a big burlesque show, therefore i need to learn in order to be any good at it. Bella Besame is my teacher. I have a few more weeks to get this shit down. Maybe i should go drunk? My throat is sorer than ever. It hurts when i swallow. I caught it from all yous! All my ‘meeting & and greeting,’ all my kissing handsome boys…scruffy unheathly bastards!! Now i have infections and IN MY THROAT goddamit.

I’m quite popular with the boys right now, not quite sure why? But i’m assuming it’s because i’m amazing or a slut with big tits. There’s this one i met while i was hosting last week at Embassy, called ‘Jonny,’ who is being so deliciously lovely to me, so attentive, so perfect…yet under no circumstances does he believe that i would fancy him. And why? Because apparently the term ‘ I LOVE YOU’ (ooh it’s a bitch of a phrase…i hate people who are too scared to say it,) flows out of my mouth far too easily for it to be real. And yeah it does! But there are different levels of the term. Plus on occasion i do think i want something so much more than i actually do really want it. But i love little ‘Jonny’ and he’s been the first boy to not spin me some bullshit ‘front’ as of yet. But he is a bit posessive for a boy who’s met my boobs once.

I caught up with lil’ George Sampz via BBM last night. Now as we all know, i adore this boy and he never fails to surprise me at how mature he is, without being too mature (cos that’s a snooze fest) for a 15 year old. He’s more ‘adult than i am. Which is worrying. But clever clever and well it must be pretty hard for him (‘head, hard’…getting a little flustered…fans  herself) because there really isn’t anyone his own age who’s famous out here in England is there?? Therefore he doesn’t really have anyone to play with, apart from 12 year old girls that scream at him. Whereas the older kids can just saunter into any popular club and well play with all the other reality contestants littering the V.I.P. I gave him tips on ‘jiggery pokery.” They included me. (Ofcourse.) All i’m gonna say is you KNOW you’re educating someone badly when you find yourself saying, ‘Christina Wunna likes to get things easily, hence why she has a boob job!’ I’ve had more *(swear word)* in my mouth than you have had years on this earth!!‘ (Learn it!!) Love that guy even though he likes to wind me up. Don’t care what anyone says about him. I think he’s amazing. I mean he’s still a bit of a ‘talker.’ ( I roll my eyes.) And i don’t know how i let him get away with talking to me the way he does. But he gives as good as he gets and for some reason isn’t terrified of Me. I think i under-estimated him. As soon as he hits 16, i’m showing him my boobs! Hold me down!

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  1. oy oy savaloy how are u chrissie it was lovely speaking to u earlier u got a well sexy accent on the phone babe have fun at your burlesque classes babe


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