A Whole Lot of ‘Ego.’


So on Monday, after work…Ben, Tony, Nick, Hana and I headed over to a new restaurant that has literally just opened in Ackworth called ‘Ego.’ Well it’s actually ‘Ego’ at the Beverly Arms…and well I figured that it was worth a ‘try try,’ especially on it’s opening night.

I rounded up a group of friends and my lovely ‘other half’ Ben and we all got ready to eat, drink and merry.

Ben and I actually tossed off getting ready quickly because we were too busy enjoying each other’s company with rum. Then Nick showed up at the speed of light, all dressed up and looking amazing. We’d lied and said we were getting ready, so once we hear him pull up we LEGGED IT, like Godzilla was on it’s way, trying to make it look as though we were half way there. I even half crawled, through my living room, so he couldn’t see me out the window. Nick wasn’t bothered. He just thought we were having sex. Lol. Very Nick.

All changed. All done. All en route to ‘Ego’ and Tony (who i’ve missed) pulls up, in his suit jacket, shirt of jeans. We were VERY ‘ego’ and very ‘wannabe.’ The exact right clientele for such a joint. It’s actually  family restaurant, yet it’s kinda young, modern and trendy and great for young groups of friends, who might enjoy the finer things in life…and well all do. Tony got dropped off, so i knew he was ON IT. Plus, having not seen him in ages made me excited to see him again! Everyone seems all coupled up right now, which I love and when boys get new girlfriends, they tend to disappear off the scene a little bit, to fully concentrate their hearts on love…and sex. 🙂

We rock in. They show us to the VIP table. They’ve already made me a pornstar martini as a greeting gift. (Any place that does that is awesome.) And before you know it, we were ll ordering cocktails, drinks and all sorts to our table along with appetizers, starters, main meals and more drinks. I mean I even ordered champagne to the table and some crazy red wine…that Ben didn’t like at first, but did like after 2 cocktails. 🙂

The drinks…are AMAZING THERE. Literally the best cocktails in Ponte. Haha. But really. And i’m the Queen of cocktailing. Not only are they to die for, but from noon to six o clock, they do a 2.4.1 deal on all cocktails EVERY DAY! I KNOW! I’ll definitely be popping in after work and before a nursery run. :

Anyway, we’re eating, drinking and actually having a blast. I always believe that it’s not where you are, but who your company is. However it helped that the place felt bouji, as it made our night better. Great friends, good lighting and picture taking. Ben chose the wrong meal…AGAIN. Nick got himself into a state…which he calls a ‘situation.’ Then Hana showed up, all chipper and ready to eat and deal with all the boys swimmingly.

Ben and i did love. Nick was happy and happier that Hana had come. Tony was great because he fitted right into the joint. He was all champagne and ‘the seabass please.’ I mean, any time a guy shouts…’why would i drink water when i can have champagne,’ whilst he’s dehydrated and tipsy..you know life is wonderful. Then he made fun of some being pooing. I had never seen a guy return from a boys loo giggling that much.

He was lucky, because when i went to the loo with Hana…I foolisly left my phone on the table…and Ben and Nick felt it was necessary to fill up my entire storage with shitty pictures of themselves…both looking like absolute tools 🙂 and this was after they both had a go at me for wanting to burlesque. Apparently i should do it if i want every boy in the room to get ‘punched out.’ HAHA. Idiots. It’s weird because the boys are like brothers…and liek brothers they’ll have bickers. But they properly tag teamed me that night…and in a way it was kinda nice.

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Life was good. Fun was had. Ben and I we’re doing love…and everything was ACE.

The good thing about moments like that when you find yourself doing cocktails with great friends, sat next to the guy who you want to spend the rest of your life with, whilst laughing the evening away with mouthfuls of lamb, love and happiness, it radiates a warmth of ‘good times.’ It was a good mix of people..even though Tony felt like he was some kind of ‘fifth wheel’ at some points. (He’s not. His little lady had her baby at home, or she would’ve come.) It would’ve been good in Dodge was there. he wouldve enjoyed cocktailing!

We all got really drunk, really full and the manager came to greet us. We got a discount off our food…and all went home happy.

I snuggled Ben all night…and i couldn’t have been happier with my choice in boy. 🙂


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